Delete one of these phones https://t

June 22, 2022, 12:02 pm
Delete one of these phones https://t
Delete one of these phones

Remove that xiomi one

Delete 3 of them and keep the iPhone

Iphone or Samsung

Delete this S22 Ultra. If not S22 Ultra, then this iPhone. Rest all are.

Delete the xiaomi before it multiples, quick.

iPhone - Cause the phone is excellent/most consistent among the others, but I just prefer android over iOS

The Xiaomi - It`s the least "finished" device imo, the others are closest to perfect that we`ve ever seen.

hmm yeah there is no samsung phone in history that aged that well tbh

lets see, in 3 years, the iphone will run as good as day one. pixel will run smooth. xiaomi will run okay. s22 ultra will lag, especially the exynos version that already is super laggy.

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