Demand for Smartphones is Slowing, Says Apple Supplier TSMC

March 31, 2022, 1:04 am
Demand for Smartphones is Slowing, Says Apple Supplier TSMC
Demand for Smartphones is Slowing, Says Apple Supplier TSMC by

I have a 11 and its a good phone. I dont need anything else tbh. I did just order a SE 2022 cause of the chip. And 5G. Thats because I cant use oled screens.

Its hard for someone to shell out 1500 bucks for a phone they wont have to upgrade for a few years. I finally upgraded from the phone I got in 2017. Apple does make cheaper phones but you have upgrade every year or 2

Back in the day made one phone a year and it came with everything youd generally need from a phone. Now theres just too many options for the consumer to chose making it harder for them to decide on with is the best iPhone. People just want a big phone

Too much tech Not enough I N N O V A T I O N

Who doesnt have one these days? Seriously. And sorry, a barely better camera each year doesnt cut it either.

Lots of cheap used handsets, given the global economy and reputed impending recession people are buying used and not new, keeping old handsets for longer. If apple want to continue to expand market share its at the low end, not with a 400 SE2, needs to be XR spec for that money

*Demand for iPhones due to their old and outdated design.

Cause they are hiking their price so high for same products..

IOT devices will start to work properly and be the next gold rush.

Yeah maybe that`s what happens when phones cost $1399. People keep their rectangles for longer.

Bullish for $AAPL

Because they not innovate as before, and a phone from 5 years ago is very similar to a new one in functions. Ok maybe except of camera.

Apple stopped using iOS updates to purposefully throttle phones after two years. Youll never guess what happened next.

Demand for 800 phones decreasing during a recession and with inflation running wild Couple that with high inflation, people just dont have the money to throw away so easily right now. Food > Tech. Simple as that.

We need more than just new chips and a different design! . How about new exciting features

Given the plethora of tech that is constantly increasing demand for high end processors and the giant shortages we have experienced I am actually happy that smartphones might not be the highest priority in the years to come. And with somewhat lower demand companies could be

Theres nothing new that most people need. Im still using an iPhone 11 Pro, and it does everything I need. I used to upgrade almost every year.

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