Do you have a favorite feature of iOS 15

June 13, 2021, 10:14 am
Do you have a favorite feature of iOS 15
Do you have a favorite feature of iOS 15 and if so what is it?

built in authenticator

When re we expecting the alpha release?

Apple copying everyone includingitself: 1.Using the iPad Settings UI from iPadOS 14 on the iPhone Settings 2.Using the iPhone App Library & Home Screen Widgets from iOS 14 on the iPad. 3.Copying screen sharing & blur background from Zoom 4. Notifications from tweaks & Android

Weather, maps and safari

iCloud+, live text and new safari design

iCloud+ is available already? Any news on that?

This might be an unpopular opinion but it has to be the new maps. Its simply stunning and beautiful. FaceTime links is a closer second. Followed by iCloud private relay.

Weather and notifications

Hide My Email is probably my favorite, although thats more of an iCloud+ feature rather than an iOS feature.

Magnification while selecting text

yes the new weather app

the presentation feature on FaceTime

FACETIME!!! But Im hoping for a similar iMessage update fingers crossed for iOS 16 iMessage links (for android)

Spotlight from Lock Screen.

Rounded corners in settings. I had a tweak that enabled it in iOS 13.

The new focus features and the new notifications are amazing and offline Siri is the best thing ever made but Siri wasnt made by Apple and bought the technology off a other company

Announce notifications is one of my favorites, because I have very busy work with gloves and protective sleeves, and when Im waiting an important message I dont need to pickup my phone every time when I get notification. Now Im picking it up when I hear the exact person name.

Notification categories

Focus modes. Theyve been a game changer for me. Especially when connected to home automations and shortcuts.

As a heavy Notes user Im looking forward to quick notes and notes tagging.

Notes and Thats an awesome move! Folders are so limiting. make things so much easier (at least for me:))

The Id on wallet app sounds amazing really hopes it comes to Canada wouldnt have to bring my wallet anywhere anymore sounds too good to be true!!

Oh I see thanks Aaron

Focus love having DND mode on while still being able to get security camera alerts. Single biggest reason I didnt use DND until now.

It`s not from ios 15 but in loving spacial audio in apple music if you really want a good test I`d listen to the logic no presure album it supports all audio types and shows an incredible range of sound I switch from YouTube back to apple music to test it

No I do not zollo iOS is trash biggest L of the year look at android and all the cosmetics they did to the look & feel

the radar in the weather app

No problem !

Aaron were discussing ios15/iPadOS and much more in my space and if youre free id love for you to join in we would love your input and thoughts

Share your screen on FaceTime

iCloud+ and Focus Mode.

The unsend feature for iMessage! Oh wait

Its like kids I dont have a favorite feature I love them all! my preference would be everything they added in the photos app.

Focus feature. Android has had it for two years I bslive , and it`s nice that finau iOS has it! But the way they implement it is so apple. Photos app overhaul as well. Memoirs with apple music is great

Being able to mute notifications for an app by long pressing on a notification

downgrading to iOS 14

Too much work setting up Focus mode just turn on DND, but its still one of my faves next to Live Text!

The new maps and weather

Spatial Audio for every content, even YouTube and Spotify

Just the fact that iOS15 will work on my 6s Plus (with some limitations of course) for me is enough.

The focus feature, I dont have a favorite, but Ive been wanting that for a very long time. And now that you could turn on sleep mode on your watch and it turned it on for all your Apple products. Love it!

Really like the revamped notifications

Archiving wallet passes. Too bad I`ve already removed all the expired ones.

New clock widget, weather app and focus

The Focus feature is my favorite overall.

Built-in vpn (private relay) and text from camera

Copy text from camera.

Any idea when its coming to Canada for beta

Health, Weather, and Live Text maybe? Widgets/App Drawer on iPadOS. Ill likely never use the FaceTime links, Translate, Home, Maps, Focus, Memoji, etc.

Air play to Mac and FaceTime

The subtle Ui change to rounded corners, New notifications look and offline Siri, idk! All of the features are great!

By any chance do you have a Tesla

New weather app and maps

Icloud+ and universal control

Offline Siri capability is a game changer.

This and the weather app iOS 15 didnt appear yet on my devices. How come?

Text copy in pictures (like Google apps finally) and weather app

I like the new Safari

Safaris new tab management and shared with me

Loving the new weather app. I was a big Dark Sky user and now it appears Apple buying them is paying off!

The new weather app and the redesigned Safari Browser.

Focus Mode! Ive been waiting for this ever since Google first introduced Digitial Well-being with Focus Mode on Android.

Focus is overall fave so far, and if it were more stable id try using the FaceTime Links feature to FaceTime my friends. I also enjoy the left behind update and Find My network setting for iPhone locating when powered off.

I like the new VPN feature that you described in todays video.

Safari its self and the photo collage feature in messages

Split screen, offline features of Siri, new memoji and the tweak of iMessage

For me on iPad it has to be low power mode

What`s the best iPhone to get as a beginner from Android?

When will it come out beta 2 ?

Find the phone in the shutdown state

Why is there no portrait mode face time and live text on iPhone X/10

Truly underwhelmed by iOS 15 but if I had to choose one feature it would be mail privacy protection.

Notifications bubbles

Live text feature is so useful. And Also FaceTime Links.

Other than the share play featuresnot really. Im more excited for all the new updates coming to AirPods

That wallpaper is so much better Oh yeah the FaceTime thing is cool too ig

Contact message option

Live text is great and also system wide translate

Focus, iCloud+, or the new weather app

FaceTime. I no longer have to convince everyone I know to download Discord so we can watch things together.

The redesigned weather app and focus is another one of my favorites. Really pleased to see Apple working hard to improve Apple Maps.

Safari and the weather app

The new overhaul GUI look. Also would like to see a colorful iMessage where a pic can be chosen for the background watermark. Along with a choice of full spectrum of colors for the speech bubbles.

I love the ability to scan a document or photo and extract text

iCloud private Relay and the Weather App.

Gets us one step closer to iOS 16

Mic sound isolation very useful for video calls

My favorite is being able to copy text in images

Not specific to iOS 15, but, iCloud Secure Relay

voice isolation, definitely a plus

Share your screen in iOS 15 is my favorite feature and so is the new wallpapers

The new notifications system

I almost want to say the weather app... I don`t have a favourite but that`s definitely up there!

The fact you can stay on iOS 14 and still get new security patches

Adding the ability to store my drivers license on it. Finally I can leave wallet at home

I love the redesign maps and weather applications!

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