Do you prefer smart bands or smart watches? Smart

November 3, 2021, 12:26 pm
Do you prefer smart bands or smart watches? Smart
Do you prefer smart bands or smart watches?

Smart watches galaxy watch 4 and apple watch are superior

Both. However no NFC capable band here. There is MB6 NFC, but it works only for reviewers xD Co od that I prefer watches that allow me to pay with instead needing my phone with my all the time...

Smart watches every day

Normal analog watches

Apple Watch (Smartwatches)

Smartwatches. You can do much more.

Band 10x cheaper 10x battery life 10x more comfortable Function almost the same

These are old trends, New trend is Mechanical Watches.

would... if i had money to buy...

Bands really arent that smart. A smart watch every day.

Smart watch all the way

Bands because it light and really there`s things awesome in watches that I don`t need

Smart watches bands are useless it sits in my hand all day and i use to see only time as it doesnt provide any real functionality .

Watches I use smart band but Watch>>

It`s depends on own money

Smartwatch but expensive

Premium Chronograph Watches >>>

watches > bands any day IF I HAD TUE BUDGET

Smart Watches, although using Smart band

None, I prefer regular watches

So far I prefer smart bands. Because I wear a regular watch on my left wrist.

Like the Surface Band? Smartwatches

Watches, I like big dials

Tbh I would choose a normal watch since it gives a rather classy look than modern, but in ur case I`ll choose smart watch

Watches for sure they have a lot more use!

Depends on budget then. Smartwatch that can also fitness track will be good

Bands as in fitness trackers?

Bands due to small size. Doesn`t feel safe to wear watches with big displays.

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