Do you want to see the duel between them?

October 5, 2022, 8:31 am
Do you want to see the duel between them?
Do you want to see the duel between them?

That iPhone case is just dope.. Which brand is it? Can you provide more info on this ice ?

Ayy I got the same case as you Sir, what case (brand) does iphone use? Thanks

Which iphone is that?

Link for the iphone case?

Yeah but a blind test

Those are some of the worst cases I have ever seen.

Duel would be between two devices.

If you have fold 4 you dont need to see anything

bayblade or yu-gi-oh style?

Which Xiaomi is that?

Damn apple makes the best looking phone! You can call it luxury! Cheap a androids

Samsung and iPhone and the rest is just junk..!

Ice which is your current favourite flagship

They all look really ugly except the iPhone tho

Exchange Mate 50 Pro for Honor Magic 4 Ultimate, it`s better and nobody cares about Huawei anymore

Link to the case for S22 Ultra pls

What is the brand of this iPhone case?

S22 Ultra between Mate 50 pro

Hey, can you please advise which is this iphone case- where can I buy it from??

Find X5 pro & S22 ultra are most beautiful in the bunch thats a fact !

Give me one please

What`s the brand name of the case the iPhone is using?

From now on s22u will win

Wheres Sony1IV? As much as I like the iPhone I think they could improve on autofocus

IPhone case looks cool...

That iPhone pouch

Yes,but make it a blind test

Those grilled cases look amazing! Can I know the website?

That s22 ultra looks so good..

Animation and shutter speed comparisons??

Those phone cases look interesting!

Looks like someone paid cat man a ton for leaks....

I`m very curious about Mate50 Pro

yes, but make it unlabelled. a blind test.

Say what you will,I still believe the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is the camera a true photographer should go for. Haters will side with the usual brands but a photographer at heart will know what I`m talking about.

Once the pixel 7 comes out

How will the Find x5 pro turns out?

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