"don`t use your fingernails"

September 12, 2021, 9:39 pm

"don`t use your fingernails" ...I`m sorry? that`s kinda unavoidable.

Except for security reasons

You don`t use samsung lol why do you even talk about it so much and I don`t think you would root it anyway

Yes and David Barnes` reply to my tweet about wireless power share was even less related and when I blocked him you said I was behaving bad. Are you joking me?!

Yes but still

Whats the tweet? (Im blocked)

As long as you don`t have them 2m long it`s kinda easy. I know same idiots who think it`s a good idea to use their fingers mainly. Why?

At least with that phone you don`t have to worry about it dying when it comes in contact with a speck of sand. Or having to baby and safeguard the thing every second of the day. Or worrying about how you`re going to pay your mortgage.

Gotta walk on eggshells when you buy this thing.

You can touch it with your fingernails, I think the warning is just asking you to not press on the screen with something sharp, which could be the fingernail :P

RIP if you have long nails

Self healing thing exists

JUST use ur fold as normal as u do Samsung didnt said not to use nails or pens just dont give more pressure... u can damage ur screen..

where does it say "don`t use your fingernails"

Exactly. I don`t have THAT big of an issue with the fold series cause it`s an extra screen and not the phone screen itself and it`s a very specialized device, but the Flip is really just not a good device to buy in my opinion because of the durability of the only relevant screen.

Yea. Foldable technology isn`t ready yet.

Ah ok, ya just normal pressure won`t be an issue, as long as you don`t push down hard.

That`s normal non-nail ussage. By nail they mean something like this (don`t have long nails, but the point`s still the same (Before you think otherwise, that`s my index finger)

I tried it as well, if you have short nails it can work but inconsistently. But are you using your phone like that? Lol

A fingernail on the display won`t damage it, it`s when you press on it that it will...I think. Like, a fingernail on a piece of paper won`t do anything, but if you press down hard, it leaves a mark.

Honestly I wouldn`t worry about it. It has the s pen now which you can actually out a decent amount of force in before it retracts. So unless you`re really pushing hard with your fingernail I don`t think it will be an issue.

That`s just sad imo

I`d say walk me through how your fingernails comes in contact with the display but nevermind. This is a reach.

Lmao okay... they need to be cut in that case.

Do you use your fingernails on your current phone ?

Huh? Who uses your fingernail on the screen? It witn even register as touch lol

That`s my only complaint and why I don`t want to get one

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