EA will reportedly announce the revival of Dead Space

June 27, 2021, 1:57 am
EA will reportedly announce the revival of Dead Space
EA will reportedly announce the revival of Dead Space during EA Play next month!

Im fine if its a remaster of the first three games I never played the first or the sequel :(

Even if its a Remastered Dead Space trilogy, Im fine with that. Im totally fine with that.

I hope there`s gonna be adaptive trigger support. Dualsense has kinda spoiled normal triggers for me

But we cant get another Splinter Cell tho

Just dont let EA have full say so on it PLEASE. They just be ruining shit every time they get near it. But bring the series back on the new systems.

Am I the only one in the world that enjoyed and loved Dead Space 3!?

As long as this is the end of dead space, Im all good with that. They might do it justice- if not, then just carry on, pretend it never happened and move on with your life. Not worth crying over a series thats been dead for almost an entire decade.

Surprise mechanics anyone ??

The creators of dead space are already making a new game. Callisto protocol, ea is just gonna kill dead space

Im sure it will be a half finished game full of microtranactions and dlcs

let`s hope so

May as well sell off the IP at this point. It`s gonna become the next Sims... :(

I have no faith in EA doing the series justice. Pretty much everyone that made the trilogy is no longer with the company and EA is even worse of a publisher these days than they were when they fucked up DS3.

Remaster Dead Space Trilogy.

isnt it still just a rumor i dont wanna get on the hype train just yet i love this series to death.

As much as I want dead Spence back dead space 4 would just be the ultimate death to the franchise that EA couldnt finish off with 3.

they have like 2 remasters planned/out already so id rather a new game (i havent played dead space anyways but just my opinion

Remasters of the first two games, please.

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