Ed Woodward having a dig at Pep

September 18, 2021, 3:35 am
Ed Woodward having a dig at Pep
Ed Woodward having a dig at Pep "We expect to continue to see full capacity crowds at Old Trafford for both Premier League and Champions League games this season."

Hi good morning I deal with all kind of game consoles Ps2, Ps3, Ps4, Ps5, Xbox consoles Games accessories Games repair Games downloading at a very good rate There were more outside his house a couple of years ago than at any City game

Why can`t you stand him btw?

Best thing he has ever done in charge

The irony is, if we had the same turn out as the Liars 5our owners might think twice about staying GlazersOut

Abu Dhabi City are a small club with a small fanbase

He`s still a massive though.

Yes, come on reds, the Glazers are relying on you to finance their next yacht!

I dont like Ed, but that was smooth.

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