[End of Service Notice] We are regretful to announce

October 12, 2022, 8:24 am
[End of Service Notice] We are regretful to announce
[End of Service Notice] We are regretful to announce that we will be ending service for FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER at 07:00 UTC on January 11, 2023. We would like to thank you all for all your support over the past year. FF7FS

Lets hope you guys learn from this and put Ever Crisis on consoles!!!

I loved the game design of it when it came out, but mobile game for a shooter? That`s just bad decision making and I`m 100% sure if you would`ve released it on console/pc or even do it like Fortnite, which was free for PS+ users, it would`ve been a huge success.

Release ever crisis on consoles and PC, trust me, you won`t regret it. Please send this message to Square Enix

Releasing it on smartphones was a huge mistake. I`ve played the entire first season and it`s a fun game with a lot of cool stuff, but due to it`s complexity, this game had to be on PC. Any chance for a re-release on PC?

Any battle royale game that`s not on console & PC is a dead game.

a mobile only FF game had no chance of success

Welp...that didnt last long.

That`s suck I really enjoy the game even though I knew that the game didn`t do well I really like how there were a lot of genuine update and balanced patch And I know this is naive thought of mine but I hope the game will open again someday Thanks for the fun First Soldier.

This is one of the main reasons why I hate live service games.

My shoulder fractured after playing this game. Im not kidding

I didn`t even know that this game came out. I guess your money hungry shenanigans didn`t work this time.

Finally..put in your minds.. noone cares about your tash mobile games.. just make games to consoles and pc . Just this... iam a fan of ff.. but my money for mobile you will.never see

How about you port this over to PC and Console so you don`t have to do this?

Why you thought this concept was good for mobile over PC and console I will never know, how big companies can be so blind. It is a good concept though dont waste it, rework it better for a different platform it will see success.

wow that was fast. please learn from this and start releasing these mobile games on switch at the very least

Yo I didn`t even know the service started what

Another defeat for one of the most harmful companies. I deeply sorry for all those talented Dev`s have ended up in the Square-Enix mines,their talent is being wasted. Flee that company,or ask for a transfer to the only division with Honor left there, under the wing of Yuhi Horii.

Go back to your roots Final Fantasy team, bring back some high level high grade turn based action. Enough of this open world, spam one button, fly through the air like a chimpanzee mid shit. Jeez

I know whoever is running this has no say, but I can`t believe they would rather kill this game off than make it easier for other people to play. So many people have been holding off on it hoping it would get a PC or console port because playing on mobile was rough.

you should have made it for console / pc

You should have put this on consoles.

People told you to put it on console

That`s what you get for naming Gambler a Trickster, Mage a Sorcerer. And terrible collaboration. Don`t get me started on Gilgamesh! (Horrible design) No wonder why Nier series never made it to this mobile game.

No PC or console release was a major oversight.

Should have released it on the Computer. At least you would have had a chance of still existing.

Do we get refunds for cosmetics???

Ok, now you can give me a Gunner Yuna skin in Fortnite

So to all the people telling people "stay gone" or "play something else" "you wont be missed"; Never even got to play it because they never allowed emulators to even run it.

You guys just took a risk & most of us older ff7 fans knew this wasn`t going anywhere,focus on ff7evercrisis,if you want profit out of its gacha system people will pay to get a 4 star shirtless sephiroth costume just dont over do it, we want story chapters regularly unlike nier.

Just port it to PC bruh

Saw it coming but thats unfortunate. Game wouldve definitely done better if released on all consoles instead of just mobile

Like I feel bad for the players but I can`t stop laughing how terrible did it do for it to already close down lmao

The biggest mistake was blocking emulation. I told you guys that in beta in the partner Discord. But devs apparently thought they were big-brained. And now we are here.

Man, the game was only out for 2 days

mobile-only was sadly the death wish for this

But by all means, keep spending your development time making mobile games. Missing Link anyone? That game is taking away a whole development team that could have made a console game between now and KH4. And it`ll most likely last about a year, year and a half at most?

Y`all really messed up not bringing this to consoles and PC lol.

Wait this came out?

Probably should`ve brought this to consoles and PC day 1 can`t say I`m surprised this is happening but hey should`ve made a PC version

Oh boy, I really hope you get it together for Ever Crisis. Mobile only Games are not the way to go anymore, this isnt 2016.

Releasing this on PC would help it surge and reach peaks it never could before. I don`t know why you`d let such a good thing crash and burn going to waste. It`s a shame....

Maybe, just maybe.. You should have focused on releasing it on both console & PC. People asked constantly since Season 1 for you guys to do that.

I really wish it had been on PC or Console... I definitely would have tried it then

Lol Im glad I didnt play dis what can we expect from massive N,f.t and mierdaverse entrepeneurs Square enix co ltd

End of service speedrun

Man game died in a year

I didnt even know this was a mobile only game until reading these comments

Well well well, if it isnt the consequences of releasing on the incorrect platform.

Yeah I figured it would bomb, not many in the fan base expected it even less wanted it. A BR with ff7 tacked on to make it viable to fans.

Can we have it on consoles? You can`t tell me Square has no means to publish F2P on PlayStation with all its cooperation between companies. Best BR on market killed by mobile exclusivity. You just should Reborn it like FF14. Not just dump title! Game isnjust too good for mobiles!

Wasnt this gonna tie into Ever crisis? it died before ever crisis even came out lol.

so it would be Ever Crisis time right? right,,?


That didnt last long

Big mistake was just having this on mobile, probably could have had a lot more longevity on PC and consoles.

all you had to do was put it on anything but mobile lmao

Worst marketing i have ever seen. Like 99% of mobile br players dont even know about this game. If you ask for this game in codm or pubg nobody would have a clue. Its very sad to see this cause the game itself is amazing

Maybe the lack of console port killed the project, maybe this can bring the Pixel Remasters to console too?

Which Live service games from Square were ever successful other than FFXIV?

Oooooh so,people didnt like the Game where you go with an AK arround Aeris House?Who would say that right?

Aw, how sad. I had fun while it lasted.

Its really weird to me that fans are pretty clear about what they want from final fantasy games. And how square is willing to ignore to try and chase money in a market that is cornered. Square is a titan of a certain marker already. And its not the battle royal scene lol.

Wow, tbh I didn`t even know the game came out


Well many of us told you from the beginning, this kind of "trendy online battle royale" games like Fortnite for mobile only doesnt endure long and we already said from the beginning... Why dont made a more large contents game with offline and online mode in multi platforms...

If you intend to put it on consoles, maybe they have a bit more life but this is already a VERY oversaturated genre with a Final Fantasy twist. Its still just a Battle Royale at the end of the day.

That was fast

Gives a bigger hope to get added to Fortnite

sad this game existed in the first place. sorry to those who enjoyed whatever it may have had to offer but Im not exactly sad this is going away.

Lmao i forgot about this

Stop wasting funds on online only mobile only games. It`s a wast of funds going to an ungrateful overrated market.

Sadly, this is what happens if you don`t listen to pretty much the entire community telling you that releasing it just on mobile is a bad move. The horrible monetisation model did not help either.

If only it was on, you know... On consoles and PC.

After Babylon, who is suprised?

This kinda sucks cause this game wasnt even that bad. at least cloud and sephiroth can be in fortnite without it impacting square`s BR

I didn`t even realize the game was out

You should`ve make PC ver instead

Bummer, kinda hoped to see this release on PC and Console at some point, not a huge fan of the current Battle Royal genre, however, you all made this game worthwhile and extremely fun! Thank you! FF7FS

It`s almost like we screamed for this to be brought to more than just mobile because the game itself is great, but sucked on the platform.

very unfortunate. As a lot of have said in the past and present, this would`ve done better on console and PC. Keeping a game like this on mobile only was a death wish.

None even knew this released

Geez, that was fast. I`m glad I didn`t spend hundreds of dollars trying to get the costumes I wanted. Maybe this would have been better as a console game...

wait what

This is how i find out this game exists

This is actually pretty gutting

Bummer, I was always hoping it would show up on consoles

Tried it on the backbone, wasnt too bad just didnt have any story to keep me going

That was fast...

didnt even know it was out

No surprise. Cant just make a battle royal and slap a franchise name on it and expect it to work.

This is why mobile was a bad idea. didn`t try it even though I love FF7 so rip

Bring it to consoles!

I am sorry to read this. I really enjoy the game, have put money and daily time into it and got invested. It also makes me cautious for Chocobo GP and Ever Crisis also potentially ending way too early. I hope the dev team aren`t having any job security risk.

I knew this day would come. How do you think of making a video game like this FOR SMARTPHONES? If it had been released on consoles and PC, I`m sure it would have succeeded better and attracted more players.

Damn, that was quick.

We will miss you I really issue this came out for console or pc would have been amazing this is better then the ninja br

I hope this will mean that now you will re-evaluate Ever Crisis and release that on Console/PC instead of mobile?

Overall Multi-Platform is known the Standard if we go the Battle Royal Route. And also were talking about SE Executives here, they do some Wrong Decision by the Beginning of a (New Final Fantasy or Remaster/Remake). If they execute Well, they can see the Success after Release.

You right now I don`t get why you even made it for mobile phones in the first place, who wants to play a game like this on a tiny mobile phone screen.

Question is (was) : do FF fans really want to experience this universe and story through a battle royale ? Following the trend isn`t enough to catch players. You have to understand your audience and what they really want. And make a good experience

Should`ve focused on the RPG elements of the game. Dreaming if you thought you were gonna grab market share from the big 4 BRs

I played this in the early Alpha, and to be perfectly honest, it was fun! But the fact that you put a 3rd person shooter on mobile only is the reason this game failed. Hopefully this is a lesson to not focus on mobile too much. Keep non-gacha games off mobile exclusivity

My old phone of just 2 years old 2020 came out couldn`t download the game at all. Now I got S22 and could play it.

What can WE DO TO KEEP IT!?!?

nobody wants your mobile games, LOL

cant say im particularly surprised

I played this game with friends who didnt know nothing bout ff franchise and they really liked it was pretty fun actually. But the fact it is only on mobile platform made us stop playing it

Maybe if it wasn`t mobile only lol

I have lots of unused shira creds will I get a refund?

Is this also the reason of no update on Ever Crisis because of fear of mobile-only gacha game? I think releasing Ever Crisis also on console might be the safe option too.

Damn that was fast

Sorry guys I really loved the idea of a VII battle royale but it was not going to work on mobile only. Aiming on a phone is a pain and mobile games in general isn`t that super popular outside of Japan. Maybe release it on console? I can assure you it would work so well.

Now put it on console

Being mobile only was unfortunate. Game looked cool Should`ve had it F2P on consoles & mobile

I had a lot of fun with this in season 1 and 2. Glad I stopped playing haha. Great concept though, first BR I ever tried.

The game design works well together and it`s very fun. No other battle royale game offers the kind of gameplay that FF7FS has achieved. The community is also amazing! The killing blow was the performance issues. This game cannot run properly on low to mid range phones sadly.

Unfortunate, but expected from most of these mobile games tbh.

I`m glad i never had a chance to play it and invest my time in it because when i signed up it kept saying server is not available and it was a sign for me to not play it lol

Its sad to see it go, i thoroughly enjoyed the game and had plenty of fun exploring pre FF7 midgar, if it had more exposure on other platforms it may have had a better chance, im grateful to have played it when i could have

Jeez square is starting to get as bad as bandai with killing mobile games.

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