Europe passes new law that will require Apple to

October 4, 2022, 10:02 pm
Europe passes new law that will require Apple to
Europe passes new law that will require Apple to switch to USB-C chargers, the same one that Android-based devices use. All phones and tablets will use the same charger by the end of 2024.

It`s the European Union, not Europe.

finally omg gurl were twitter we can change the law ATTACK!!!!!!


i think i can speak for the rest of the globe when i say, wdc ur sign to come back home fr

OH WE ARE CELEBRATING WE WON Haters. Europe is not the European Union. Do better research next time.

Android is better anyway

Put that in America (the continent)

Please the rule of selling iPhone including the mtfck charger device. Stop stealing people by selling just the f**** cellphone!

Who gon check me for not switching chargers? Nobody

Why does apple have to switch? Why cant android change their chargers?

Europe wanting androids to be relevant LMAO

ugh that was about time

This is a massive win.

but i liked lightning :(

we will be switching to nokia

I heard Apple is mad about this law...

This is good cause USB C charges faster and faster transfer speeds

This is not gonna happen. Byeeeee


the fact that this is actually good i heard usb-c chargers can charge even faster and cause less damage to the battery, so trew

how is the continent of europe passing a law

Ended cardi my fav cardi b proposed this

Queen Elizabeth died cause they didnt have the right charger for her

News: Apple has to change charging type Bardigang: OMG NICKI MINAJ!!

cardi is the one to blame

Android will always be the blueprint

Like who cared androids still flop

Europe needs to mind their own business

They want androids to be important sooo baaad like give it up this pushed me off the cliff

my fav taylor was behind all this

yall late, this has been announced months ago

notice how cardi doesnt have a charger

how is the government controlling a private company?!?! i blame cardi b!

im confused can nicki explain?

europe should just say theyre broke

when apple stops all sales in europe so they dont have to do this then what

Im not using that cheap mess

A charger change made more noise than the sfg remix

They were about to do it so

samsungs switching to apple chargers

pass a law to put nicki in jail next

nicki cant afford the new iphone

as an european i am embarrassed

A charger ended Nickis career

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