Even the fanciest people in the mid-1800s had NONE

January 24, 2021, 2:34 am
Even the fanciest people in the mid-1800s had NONE
Even the fanciest people in the mid-1800s had NONE of these things. In 1920, most people still had none. By 1960, everyone had the first batch of things and were all pleased, not knowing there were all these other things they didn`t have yet. What things do we not have yet?

Washing machines and dryers need to be on this graph. I was pretty excited about seeing the dishwashing robot at CES this year. We need household chore robots.

Rooftop solar, a heat pump, eBikes, a home battery. Some people have these things now, but I expect a lot more will have them in the coming years.

My mother grew up in the 1930s in a house with none of these things - no electricity. I grew up with the first 8 plus an automobile.

Now expand this to the world and see how far the inequality is

With the pandemic and mad world, going to be alot of people saying HAD those things. Lets see the charts now... going down I bet.

How clearly you can see the Death of millions in the lost years of world war

Now it would be interesting to compare with other countries in the world. More specifically with low income countries to see the difference.

If some fools wouldn`t have flown planes into buildings then flying cars would have already been a thing.

grab this

The ones I`ve let go off: Vaccuum cleanersweeper Automobilebike+PT TV Cell phone

Complete freedom of location

Hoverboard! Robots that actually work well.

The refrigerator is the one I often think about. That an appliance so crucial to domestic life and so superior to its precursor went from niche to ubiquitous in about a decade is astonishing. Imagine waking up to your first refrigerator after a lifetime of the ice box.

Landline dropping like a rock

Flush toilets are so much better than smartphones

We do not yet have a way to communicate 15-measure line graphs with a useful legend and/or color encoding

a hyperluminal space drive, climate control, colonization of space, cures to cancer, aids, etc, plenty of things we dont have yet.....large parts of the world dont even have clean water

The ability to cure genetic disease.

I don`t have a vacuum rn

yeah ok it`s more illuminating to compare those who have these things to assist in their life and those who can`t actually live without them. The figures show mass dependency and lack of life skills and the numbers are growing in favor of dependency. top reason we"ll be Ai`s pets

A decline in microwaves is not something I expected to see. Inverted vertical Windows taskbar. Once so we can focus and have a go at the big stuff.

Its still a travesty that the average person doesnt own an airplane

"What things do we not have yet?" Thing we don`t know about, yet.

oh as I mentioned previously, if there are two temporal dimensions you can easily take care of the big bang singularity and have paradox-free time travel between timelines (they`d be nested within the second temporal dimension)

Also dont forget access to porn. It has also grown enormously. For most people around the world sex is perhaps the greatest or the only source of entertainment (the later especially to the poor).

Congratulations! Did you see liked it?

interesting to look at slope. Is it currently possible to have slow uptake of innovative technology currently?

Mass adopting of 3D printing and VR headset. Solar and Powerwall energy

Reminded me of this report from Fox - shaming the poor for having an refrigerator Its staggering how steep these curves are

Widespread blockchain apps (internet of value) on smartphones

-- personal robot overlord

Should have started at 1900... then we could see some detail of the chart

I think there are more things we do not have than we do have.

This is fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

Wait, but why did the flushing toilet happen before running water ? Did we lose this toilet technology?!

A sense of belonging. A good conscience for just making a living. A future.

EV FSD VR 3D Printers. (Better ones) SEXBOT. Lol

Other than an end to poverty and world peace, lions no longer vs lambs...

Rosie the Robot, of The Jetsons. Many of the latest technology adoptions take up a disproportionate amount of our time and are incentivized to take up even more. Reducing the time spent on household chores seems like an aligned interest for a multitude of parties.

A butt cleaning machine to replace toilet paper.

Household robots.

So its safe to say Bitcoin trajectory at some point will look similar to those.

Automobiles haves near 100% adoption, but electric vehicles have captured less than 10% of the overall car market. EVs are too expensive for Joe Public and I`m optimistic about them becoming widely available/adopted in the next two decades. Many people have a lot, but unfortunately there a lots of people worldwide who don`t even have essential things such as a home. We are capable of great things, however we can`t seem to resolve such issues.

Stem cell therapy and other bio-hacks.


Faster than speed of light technology.

Damn those free market capitalist principles!

Urban agriculture- fresh foods grown at our fingertips not shipped across the country, and a renaissance of heirloom crops with more intense varied flavors and textures.

Realtime monitoring and social coaching via wearables or implants, basically eliminating dysfunctional relationships.

Sophisticated biome optimization rather than antiseptics and antibiotics that kill off everything.

Capitalism works pretty well.

Love this. Question that I wonder is what the chart in 2100 will look like!

- universal basic nutrition - personal diagnostic systems - artificial intelligence assistants - radically more affordable housing - rejuvenation therapies - >90% less road traffic deaths - screenless primary interfaces - immersive telepresence / VR - individual-focused education

I will have a cleaning robot and flying car that I will anchor above the sidewalk in front of my condo. no more parking tickets!

VR is going to be amazing once they figure out how to get realistic graphics. It`s all cartoony now, and still pretty insane.

used the Queens English colour when speaking of televisions in America. Shame on you, Igor

Do the one where where countries adopt socialism that descends into autocratic rule. Those look different.

Now do all people on earth....Not just the free money nation.

you don`t actually expect me to distinguish some of these colors do you

We can invent great things together What will be next?

Cloud cities: The biggest game changer still missing are a full-bandwidth brain machine interface and AGI. Will make all previous things look ancient. We live like kings and we cant even see it.

We`re about due for another line to get added to that chart. Wonder what it`ll be. I`m thinking VR system.

Even though it`s 2021 I still don`t have a Brazilian booty queen and I`m not happy.

Microwave oven had a meteoric rise, but is also the first one to see any real dis-adoption. It was heralded as life-changing, but ended up mostly used for popcorn and office lunches. Curious to see what others will start to be rejected in coming years. Radio? Automobile?

Had a Zoom call earlier today for my 3yos birthday with kids from 4 states. We had a local musician we know join and sing some kids songs. I was thinking about how even 5 years ago the tech wasnt this seamless and the infrastructure so robust to do this.

On line voting for government and for individual referendums. Global currency managed by democratic world government. Free energy is not here yet but in 10-15 years from now solar and wind will provide abundance of energy just like communication cost very little today.

Glad you are so humble about it and not doing this to get ego strokes.

Funny how electric power was more important than flushing toilet

Access to healthcare and education?

More life We don`t yet have: Autonomous transportation (widespread) Affordable CRISPR tech for all Brain-to-computer direct interfaces Viable replacements for: Wood Concrete Asphalt

Widespread adoption of: Autonomous (& electric) cars. Sequence of our personal human genome. Solar energy. Drone delivery.

To make it better it needs to be interactive. Let the user select a product to show just that line, or at least make it bolder

Im a nerd for these kinds of charts. Im also color blind

Justice. Equity. Solidarity.

Idk. We COULD get nuked and forget everything.

The singularity is near...

gratitude, apparently

The Jan/Feb 2021 Forecast Direct from features a conversation between Professor Robert Gordon and on this topic and the prospects for the a new Roaring 20`s Have you read the rational optimist? All this and more :)

we`re an ancient species in an alien environment - we`re being driven mad

The Cryptocurrency/Fintech digital revolution isnt on this chart yet....and its imminently upon us.

My father grew up in a house with none of those things.

If it comes to mind, will need to patent it first.

Electricity, fridge, running water, radio. That`s it. Everything else is not necessary. Okey, maybe a car too.

Wait what, microwave oven ownership is down? Is there a new thermonuclear supersymmetry oven I`m unaware of or is it just 5G nutters giving them up because they cause COVID...?

How did flush toilets in homes exist before running water in homes?

3D printers Renewable Energy Droids

Antigravity technology in consumer space.

100% clean electric power

In less developed country the list goes reversed whch is a desaster meaning, low CO2 but huge waste, sewage, wastewater footprtint

Personal goods that haven`t been invented yet: - exogenous immune systems - immorbidity more generally (ie "immortal except to bullets") - truth-delivering media (might be a public good instead) - exoskeletons - automated parcel post - $.01/mi & 1000 mph transit, to the doorstep

I feel like people often say why invest in (X) when we have poor people in the world when in fact people below poverty likely have access to more luxuries than the richest people 100 years ago. We can make life better for everyone by pursuing education and technology.

How about fusion reactors installed in houses to meet domestic power needs.

I`m really curious about the small retracements. Why did fewer people have refrigerators in 1942 than 1940, for instance?

All Global data running on oracle blockchains

VR/AR Adoption. Therapies for slowing aging. Electric Storage Adoption (Ie, Tesla Powerwall). Hydrogen heating (not NG). Physical/robotic assistants (Ie cleaning)

Fish you can catch and eat safely in streams: Seeing Milky Way on a clear night Living near extended family Being with your kids One income/family being enough Access to the shore Noise The trade weve made over time is not as obviously favorable. Some+,some-

Self raised and self made food lines went plummet.

As value decreases, consumer adoption will increase. This isnt capitalism though, just a truism

Things currently at <1% market penetration: - Very bright indoor lighting (ie ~110k lux) - 3D printing (esp. multimaterial) - Well-filtered indoor air (ie PM2.5 < 5 ug) - indoor air with <400 PPM CO2 - early retirement / realization of `life of leisure` we were promised

Yours was better. Sorry, Theyll still complain about the rich as if they dont live better than nobles throughout history

What about basic healthcare? Not going bankrupt for being sick.

Totally, but fortunately once that thought passes our comparing mind is feeling ok again. Being born in the future and going backwards would be deeply annoying.

I was promised a hoverboard.

Er... True freedom, smart governments, a deep undertanding of our nature (non anthropocentric), realistic expectations... By 2170 nobody will understand how they managed to exit without us having those basic things

Flush toilet is the brown line...

I was promised a flying car and a much longer life span. Feeling gypped.

Charts that have colors so you can differentiate wats wut

Fascinating. I`m assuming the reason for where things dip down from 1920-1940 is the depression and WW2, but the colours are a bit too close to see exactly which, is it automobiles that zigzagged there? And why did `refrigerator` drop around 1940 but `household refrigerator` not?

How are you going to measure? Quality or quantity?

Numerous suppressed medial cures.

widespread bitcoin adoption

Im just happy there are no backwards time travel machines to stumble into.

-AR glasses -VR headsets -3D printers -Artificial organ storage -AI assistants -Driverless cars -Cryptocurrency The future looks bright...if we can be ethical in the use of these new technologies.

Mental note- Don`t go into Microwave Sales

We have so much unnecessary shit and we have become fragile and depressed in the process. Happiness belongs to the self sufficient, and those who have good friends, family & freedom. Build a life that people who are only rich most despise, in that it cannot be bought with money.

How to not make a well-structured representation of data... I`m sorry but I really do not like this graph

The spread of electric power is a testament to what the federal government can do when it decides something is worthwhile. It`d be nice if we all agreed high-speed broadband is a public utility akin to electricity.

some will never have Bitcoin

A way to store wealth and a sound, non-governmental money. A world operating on a Bitcoin standard fixes this. cc Great to see that visualized! The book `Abundance` by dives a lot into this, it`s still one of my favorite reads to this day.

Holistic `real time` health tracking, BMI, something related to community, something related to determining `truth` + what happens when several billion ppl reach `american middle class` wealth

Color TV, Microwaves and phones seem to have the highest adoption :D

Is there validity to the observation that these lines are getting steeper (indicating that the rollout of new technologies is getting faster)? Or could that be dependent on the medium (ie: plumbing and electricity require infrastructure/grid, but people can just buy an A/C unit).

A mentally healthy population :)

@IgorKurganov sent this chart to me and and Liv and I both immediately said we wanted to tweet it, so it was a race. Let`s see whose tweet is better. Mine is really good so probably not hers. I also challenge to take a stab at it.

_Brain-computer interfaces _smart biometrics sensors in blood stream _another social media app

We are really blessed to live in the 21th century. Too often, we forget how many privileges we have.

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