EXTREMELY BULLISH ON #NFTs Looking fwd to seeing your

January 23, 2021, 11:01 pm
EXTREMELY BULLISH ON #NFTs Looking fwd to seeing your

Looking fwd to seeing your new project! Also super bullish on $RFOX they have a huge year ahead. Just about to drop the 1st mobile game on blockchain! I am going to take screenshots of your favorite NFTs.

What are your thoughts on NFTX? If NFT`s see the same level of interest in 2021 as they did last year, an NFT index could see significant gains.

Extremely bullish on SuperFarm and hashtags or $$$ yet?

NFTs lover please show some love What do you think of Darwinias $KTON? Thinking its undervalued given the scarcity?

$DGCL next NFT on

Then check out unique no KYC leverage trading with NFT`s. Their NFT exchange coming next week. Only 500k MC. You`re welcome!

any thoughts on PPT? London based lending platform.

I`m trying to understand more on NFTs. Where can we go to find a list of NFT projects to potentially invest in. NFTs

is a low cap nft game, the devs are amazing, moving from eth to matic and will release the next update in the coming days. Check out a battle game with nice tamags Also with nice NFTs in lootboxes

$loot is 290k micro cap, 22.6k Cir Supply, 40k total. The fairer way to get rare and valuable NFT art Staking pools now live! Thanks for showing us this micro cap gem, 1st set of NFTs have been minted and some already being posted to Thots?

Look at $MUST team...

Give me some reasons bro..

Me too. $MANA, $RFOX, $ENG....this sector is going be so huge..

Yes, agree! NFTs will be massive, not many people really understand it yet.

Are you following Entirely new ecosystem, publicly backed (first of its kind backed by a NASDAQ listed company), strong world-class team including former Fb/google/amazon/ripple/1inch devs, fair launch, contrary to Curve and tech

RedFox Labs $rfox is they play for 2021. also just invested in The only Crypto Gaming, DeFi, dApp & NFT incubator in SE Asia. Gonna be a crazy packed year! Would love for you to take a deep dive on this project

If anyone is interested in some premium somnium space land, hit me up!

I UNDERSTAND WHY!! Just check Phantasmachain $GALA Gala games big deed sale going on.

The Coolest NFT You`re Gonna See Today! blockchain blockchaindomain domain domainsforsale $ERG - Ergo ErgoSummit today 23rd of january live on youtube $25m cap NFT + Auction House UTXO based smart contracts Oracle Pools Hardening Upgrade Stablecoin integration AgeUSD Headless Dapps supported in yoroi wallet DYOR $ADA $ERG

I have been waiting for this tweet from you You should definitely check on Phone home bro, phone home. We are waiting for you!

Then research $SOUL and is the platform to enable the next wave of nft hype ;)

Check out $VIDT! They are turning company stocks into NFTs and much more

Oh in that case check and their partner These two will move mountains!

Polka Bridge $PBR. Another polkadot GeM Just 600K market cap available on uniswap today . What u think guys I hope its going to Be Second MAHA cap is nothing now

Check out this one When is your token launching?

Me too! When Superfarm?

Which are your favorite picks?

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