Fall Guys is coming to Xbox Game Pass, according

January 20, 2021, 9:04 pm
Fall Guys is coming to Xbox Game Pass, according
Fall Guys is coming to Xbox Game Pass, according to the official Xbox Game Pass Instagram account

Here you go buddy Ok im confused here. Is it or is it not coming

Oh well, is their loss. Easy with Gamepass ... They know the player numbers are down big time, they need to bring the game to Nintendo & XBOX and put cross play between all the platforms to bring back players. Just my opinion.

Need to wait that timed exclusive to end

It`ll be ok tom I got a shoulder for you to cry on

Hope there`s crossplay between consoles! Well but why people blame Microsoft for the "no games" when are the devs that don`t want to publish on Xbox? Microsoft have to buy the teams to bring the games..and could be a subject for an article..

Remedy said the same thing about Control and Control is currently on GP

Must be something in the works but Sonys 6 month timed exclusive period ends early Feb, so probably can`t officially talk about it until then. The games lost a lot of popularity so could probably do with a Game Pass player influx. Should be a free game anyway IMO.

You got caught

This is the kind of high quality Xbox journalism I expect from Tom Warren.

Yeah its since been updated that this was incorrect

They thought it said among us I think xboxgamepass insta is just being a troll for the moment

Introducing the new Xbox title, trip fellas.

me:*retweets* me:*reads the thread* me:*removes retweet*

=-= for pc only wack

Fall guys is already dead

The developers of Control denied this too but the game still came to Game Pass a few months later.

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