Feel the crunch and weight of snow thanks to

December 23, 2021, 12:05 am
Feel the crunch and weight of snow thanks to
Feel the crunch and weight of snow thanks to the DualSense controller`s haptics in Praey for the Gods, out now on PS5

These controllers are made so cheap. Everybodys getting drift in their controller so early

Is this a strandtype game?

What`s going on with modern warfare

This game is not as good as i had hoped

PlayStation read ya dm Im sick and tired of waiting on ya to reply

i never received my PlayStation code on Kickstarter!!! Please help!!!

Great game, completed it today after 18-19 hours on first playthrough. The open world surprised me quite a bit, so much more than just a boss rush. For $29.99 I felt ripped off. Not saying it`s a terrible game but for that price for a 5 hours length is ridiculous.

im turning off the vibration

Eat the yellow snow to restore your HP.

Ps5 controller is awesome

haptic feedback is corny

Did the official PlayStation Twitter page actually point a camera at a TV instead of using the Share option?

This game is absolute cheeks

When millennials become senior citizens, dial up internet will be their version of walking 20 miles in the snow just to get to school.

Xbox and PlayStation both Excited for the future of gaming

Yeah, that`s the gameplay people want. A boring walk up a mountain made slower and more tedious for no reason.

Plays better on Xbox

I`m so happy I backed PFTG back in 2016.. I have it on PC and it`s FIRE!

Anyone who has ps4 console that they aint using anymore am in need of one


Ive been looking to get this at some point.

Xbox crunches better

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