First Playstation 5 didn`t have enough Tflops, then it

August 28, 2021, 11:20 pm
First Playstation 5 didn`t have enough Tflops, then it
First Playstation 5 didnt have enough Tflops, then it wasnt Full RDNA2, now its minor internal changes make it run 9 degrees hotter than before. Maybe now this will give Xbox Series X a performance advantage finally! Lord knows it needs it! Them Benchmarks havent helped Xbox!

When you turn on the new PS5 model Its bad news. Playstation really are awful to their fans

The iteration of the ps3 made it worse over time Worse wifi No backcompat on later models Cheaper disk tray on ps3 super slim Sony downgrading the heatsink and wifi adapter on the revision ps5 is at your expense so they can make money

New PS5 is made out of very cheap parts the new PS5 model will melt your Beta SSD and burn down your house Let`s leave fanboism I think these changes are meant to be just for the Digital Version I mean the Digital Version sell at loss so these changes makes sense But I don`t think that would make sense for the Regular Version

Does anyone remember how the liquid metal cooling was gonna brick all our PS5s? Yeah me neither...

so you are ok with a smaller heat sink & cheaper material of the new PS5? this has nothing to do with Xbox ppl got both PS5 and put them next to each other and showed how much worse the new one and showed the reason why PS5 started to make a profit coz they lowered the quality

You great at damage controlling. So explain this? Enjoy your low resolution to keep the fps steady on weakstation 5 meanwhile Xbox games runs a higher resolution It`s over!
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