First tweet from enemy territory

September 27, 2021, 5:27 pm
First tweet from enemy territory
First tweet from enemy territory.

First thoughts on moving to the dark side?

No more.. Give full permission to access the app

Wishing your device a long and happy life

See the calculator and youll be disappointed

Try using Truecaller on iPhone.

China or Bangladesh?

thought you are in pakistan

iPhone aagaya enjoy the experience and the beautiful clicks of the little one

Should`ve waited a month more for Pixel 6.

Welcome to cartoonish icon tiles

Ah, I see you have moved to the territory used by our "poor farmers" and "poor communists"

First Tweet From iPhone Was to be a bharat bandh today !! Nice way of rubbing it on organizers Vaisae for phoren vaasthu guys its a inauspicious start - 13 supposed to be unlucky Vaisae does this settle the I phone vs Android debate !! Apple has netted a la pineapple

Welcome to the best UI & UX ever.

Sell this tweet as NFT now

Came a day

iOS is worst software design. And that almost dictatorial walled garden approach is suffocating. Left it for good. Let`s see how it works out for you

Android : We had much before he came to iOS

Theres no going back now

Welcome aboard the apple ecosystem.

Welcome to the Premiere League. Theres no looking back.

Finally conviction convinced himself ;)

Mirror selfie fir Apple initiation actual me complete hota hai..

Waiting for you to struggle with the Files App on iOS

Welcome to iOS kingdom....

Welcome back to

Welcome to the Apple territory!

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