Folks in this thread think Xbox marketing a Game

October 9, 2022, 10:36 am
Folks in this thread think Xbox marketing a Game
Folks in this thread think Xbox marketing a Game is wrong and tricking people Meanwhile Sony has been doing that for Ages...Absolute jokers.

Are we forgot that microsoft have several days embargo for announcing other platforms for multiplat games?

There was like 2 people bad mouthing Xbox youre too soft

Lol they both do it

They both have. People on both sides still say this. Its not a big deal. I dont expect Xbox to market PlayStation and I dont expect PlayStation to bring up Xbox. Not their jobs.

So now you guys are ok with this practice? If Xbox does it its fine because Playstation has been doing it too. Cringe.

The Xbox fanbase There was like 2 people asking if it was still coming to PS quit with this toxic narrative

Casual gamers I know still think Hogwarts Legacy is a Playstation exclusive. Thats how marketing works .

The double standards. Heaven forbid Xbox actually compete

Oh yeah In this case my point was more. Kenna was never a Playstation exclusive. It came out on the same day as PlayStation. But Sonny marketed as PS exclusive. Wanted to amplify what you said in your tweet <3

Not gonna lie, Im just waiting for it. Lol

I mean shit people came into my Stream when I was playing Kena Bridge of Spirits on my PC. And I had literally people asking "What do you mean on your PC?! It`s a PlayStation Exclusive"

Double standards are crazy. That Harry Potter game is completely synonymous with PlayStation. They even have exclusive content as well.

They have no doubts about Sony and Nintendo marketing games and get angry about games marketing by xbox lol

To all platforms but leaves out Xbox. But nobody bat an eye lid to this and some just laughed
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