Following Apple, Samsung and Microsoft, Micromax Planning to Develop Android OS

August 26, 2015, 8:25 am
Following Apple, Samsung and Microsoft, Micromax Planning to Develop Android OS

The company says the software will work for a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and so on.
So why the creation of yet another variant of Android? Micromax is based in India, and according to Micromax CTO Ashish Agrawal, consumers there have different needs than those in the United States or China.
Despite the fact that a large number of Android variants can lead to drawn-out security issues, device manufacturers show no signs of slowing down in developing their own versions of the mobile operating system.
The latest company to announce its own flavor of Android is Micromax, which is developing software to use in its own budget devices. The company is therefore building the new operating system for the purpose of better catering to the Indian market.
Micromax also recognizes that it needs to keep "customizability" with Android apps, or otherwise run the risk of its users looking for other options. In the past, the company has made use of CyanogenMod, another Android-based operating system, but now, it looks like Micromax will handle the software development in-house.
It`s not clear exactly how the new operating system will vary from Android-based operating systems already on the market. The goal, is for it to differentiate itself from other Android operating systems, attracting more local customers. This will help the company make up for the low profit margin that it sees in the sales of its smartphones.
Of course, Micromax is not the first company to develop its own variant of Android for its smartphones. Beijing-based electronics company Xiaomi has been making waves with its MIUI Android version, which comes pre-installed on its Mi smartphones.
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