Forza Horizon 5 got ponies questioning their religion

November 7, 2021, 8:41 pm
Forza Horizon 5 got ponies questioning their religion
Forza Horizon 5 got ponies questioning their religion.

This? Stop the console war nonsense

Even DF said FH5 uses the highest quality settings available on PC, what sony games can do that hehe.

I don`t think so lmao it`s forza 4 set in maxico dlc Goty??? This game have massive downgrade lmaooooooo

Marlons not a pony though lol

Forza Horizon 5 holding the graphical crown

Xbots I wouldnt celebrate so fast. For your momentum of celebratory its up too xbox community for the game to be financial success and buy the game. If the game dont profit bottomline financially a masterpiece dont mean crap if its a flop.

Thats a major improvement because realistic dirt was some thing that was forza horizon 4 was lacking in

i like how forza horizon liked the tweet where hes showing server issues god bless i hope playground can fix their stuff soon. amazing game.

I cant wait to side by side this and GT7. Both of em look like bangers to me. Forza go hard af in a few days for the GP familia. Lmao, we have crapgamer saying he loves Forza know it`s got a great score lol.

Damn Here see yourself the mud

Twitter compression: brrrrrr

The details are dope. Can`t wait for GT7.

Bots finally one game and don`t know how to act. I can`t wait to play this on my PC. The definitive experience. Some folks say..."Greatness Awaits"...I say "It`s Already Here". ForzaHorizon5 This is photo mode. Both Forza and GT7 have added visual upgrades for photo mode. Lol

Dude literally plays everything

remember how you lost that $100 dollars to smoove?

Tell you have never played a car game without telling me you haven`t played a car game

is actually a very chill person. Marlon absolutely prefers his home on Playstation, but usually praises stuff like this (Hivebusters blew him away too). He is a Playstation creator worth following.

Ponies always appreciate quality, Forza us

And here you are, Microsoft released (finally) a very good game on Xbox in years and you still talking about PS

No idea who is the guy, but it could be great that everybody can play and enjoy Forza without mind the useless console war. The game deserves to be played for the major amount of people possible.

So he either bought the premium edition or has gamepass and bought the add on .

It was a wrap after that

You love to see it. Good games are good games, regardless of platform. We should all recognize that!

Hes not a pony though.

He could be a pony, but no a bad pony.

i dont think is fair to call him like that, hes enjoy the game lets try not to be toxic and make people feel unwelcome please

He getting whiplash or brain damage from the difference in quality that he forgot how to use other words "are y`all seein` this?" x100

This is how it be. Enjoy yourself my guy. Have fun and play games

I know a few people say is this forza horizon 4 or 5 they look the same and I just laughed.. Horizon 5 is totally on a different level

It`s a wrap.

Dont know what you are talking about. I bet most that saw the game and actually played gran turismo were only expecting great visuals. Still don`t know what you are talking about...

Lets goooo today is the day

not for a racing game.

Rdna 3 right there

I just cant wait for 4 days. Just release the game already.

When cars start to levitate, I`d question my religion too.
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