"From the Tangled Shore to the Eliksni Quarter, you`ve

September 22, 2022, 7:41 am

"From the Tangled Shore to the Eliksni Quarter, you`ve long stood as a controversial figure. When you`re building a crime syndicate, can you talk about the fine line between ruthless and respected?"

Why did this make me ugly laugh

Hey, you`re going to put out of a job here.

They have fictional characters on hot ones before you, brother.

What is happening

dear bungie can spider handle the hot sauce like a champ or does he struggle and chug the milk

This feels like a fever dream

Vex cum you mean

why are there so many more drifter voice memes than spider we need more voice actors on this nOw

I`d watch this tbh

you guys have possibly designed the worst suspension system ive ever seen. its my 2nd ban from the game crashing cause for some reason theres no rejoin feature to avoid the suspension? it doesnt even tell me how long im banned, its been at least a few hours

New to the hot ones lineup - Radiolaria Rash, the Hottest of Sauces

Congratulations , you`ve won the internet today! You were nominated by Boutta get a Spicy Eliksni Hot Sauce.


Fix the game, is trash

we getting a hot ones emote?

Hi, just bought the WQ upgrade edition. "The Deluxe Edition includes Seasons 16-19, two Year-5 Dungeons, an Exotic SMG, catalyst, ornament, and an Exotic Sparrow. I did not get the trespasser ornament nor the Epialos UNIVERSAL ornament. Can you help.

Xbox tweeting at a PlayStation studio is an ex boyfriend texting his ex girlfriend when shes just started dating a new guy trying to get her attention Wheres to tell the guy to back away from his girl?

Well time to get the voice actors to come out on Hot Ones now

Read this in his voice

Nezarecs Sin was tapping out after 2 wings! I feel like this should happen somehow.

Remove SBMM from control, its splitting the entire community too hard

Amazing lmaooo.

We gotta have some Screeb hellfire hot sauce on those wing. Lol

I`m still not sure why we haven`t shot Spider in the face. He`s been somewhere between useless and counter-productive for 95% of his existence.

If theres an official collab I might die my life will come full circle lol

Gonna give Da Bomb to a baby fallen.

Whether we wanted it ir not

Fix pvp

Nerf hunters

Well written lol! Could actually hear that in Sean`s voice, gg xD

Spider would absolutely DISRESPECT the last dab

Please yes!

Does that mean when he tried to take on the last dab, he`ll just poof into an exotic engram?

can someone please explain in fortnite terms?

Damn I wanna see it

We have a segment we like to like to call explain that gram. Where we take a dive into our guest instagram. What about Ghost shells

No Ghost nuggets?

I dont think Spiders gonna get that far tbh Tell him to bring raid exotic protection instead.

So hes suicidal?

Just watched hot ones lol

I could hear it

"Who are you, Nardwuar?!"

"It`s just...good business, haha." - Spider, probably

Question. Did he make it to the last dab in this episode? That is all I want to know.

you tried

This is the most out of left field Tweet I have ever seen. I just wasnt expecting THIS to come from the official Destiny 2 Twitter account.

:O I was just talking about Robin and how he should be in a hot ones episode cause most voice actors and celebrities are in the show! It would be cool to see him in it!

See, that`s pretty damn fun. Also, would it be possible to get On there for real?

He better get that interview all finished because if there`s an option his ass is going to the Queen, Prime shipping.

I got the notification in my Discord server. For a second I thought that someone from Bungie was on Hot Ones. Maybe and should go on the show? well done.

What a banger of a tweet

Why did I read this in voice

Make this happen.

I didn`t know I needed this crossover!

Misraaks called him Rakis one time and he collapsed like a table at a Bills tailgate. No way Spider is getting past the 3rd wing.

Time for steamdeck support! LazyAssDevs GetItWorking

How do you think Spider would handle Da Bomb?

I`d watch this.

The crossover that we all need

I can hear this tweet perfectly.

W admin I can hear his voice from the picture alone

make it happen

forced to retreat from the tangled shore isnt enough i NEED the spider dead

Quest Updated: Complete the Hot Ones Gauntlet

Iets take a deep dive into Eramis` Instagram page where we show a picture that needs more context.

Needs more Vex milk Just dont mention the name Uldren Sov

My God, reading that as Sean Evans was perfection.

Destiny 2 x Hot Ones collab confirmed

It`s clear you know Sean Evans and the show. How about there`s a Episode of Hot Ones with and Jeff Steitzer?

Raksis, sorry I mean Spider. You and Mithraks have had a complicated relationship growing up together in the house of Weavers and then getting thrown into space. Anything you have to say about that?

That`s a Da Bomb question right there.

"Is it better to be feared or respected?"

Careful around the eyes

This is a good tweet.

Lol iconic

Reminds me of a young Patrick Stewart.

"well you see, I uh.. [ ]"

alright that`s got to be you in there right? Congrats on getting the job at Bungie!

Why can I hear him saying this so easily I know Spider is folding like Khaled tho

"Recently your Kell banned the tradition of `docking,` any thoughts on that?"

I am crying. This is an insane crossover.

I`m down for a hotsauce crossover tbh

Spider ain`t making it pass the 3rd sauce. alright you guys have won the internet today, GG

This guardian, this guardian, this guardian, tell the city what you have going on in your life

Cross over with hot ones confirmed.. get Sean Evans in the game as an NPC

New Hot Ones exotic Rocket Launcher incoming?

Now I want to see on hot ones

I dont know how thisll work but Im here for it

Who is responsible for this genius?

I can hear this tweet.


Dafuq kinda crossover yall doin now?

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