#GalaxyS21Ultra vs

August 3, 2021, 2:09 am
#GalaxyS21Ultra vs
GalaxyS21Ultra vs. iPhone12ProMax vs. OnePlus9Pro - Which one would you rather WIN?! Yes, not choose, but WIN... because we`re giving them all away in collaboration with & More details in the video description

Thank you

Oh god

Can`t wait

I believe having one of those phones is dream for many of us. As a student who do not have access to resources , this could mean a lot. As a experimental mobile video grapher having one of those could be a game changer for me. Huge lucks to all those involved in giving these away


It is good opport for us to win such a amazing phone


Excited !!

Thank you soon much.. For supporting our countr people.. No words... Lost of love

Hope i get one Of them?

dream for middle class like us

This is the hope for me to get iphone

I think this is the hope for me to get iphone

it will be a great opportunity for owning such dream phone through giveaway

The Samsung

I am not that lucky to win giveaway. I have almost try 100 giveaways but got nothing. So lastly I am trying my luck.

This is the great opportunity for all of us to win this phones. Thank you

i hope i can win a phone

Really excited for this giveaway and with new format.

I want it.

When there is luck i win .Hope to win that giveaway.

Thanks man for lovely giveaway . Lots of love from Nepal.

I watched this camera comparison. And I`m Soo happy about how far OnePlus has come. I`ve never owned a flagship ever so I hope I win in this giveaway

Well it`s good to participate in giveaway fr 1st time , but chances of winning the smartphones is to wait and see

Would love the iPhone 12 Pro Max but any one of the three would make my day

I wouldn`t mind wining anyone from those 3 smartphones. Every of them are perfect and valuable for me.

Chance to win

Let`s try my luck..

In need of such dream phones

Alots of love and support from nepal

when u are giving me my birthday gift?

Amazing phones in Giveaway

Can we be the winer from Nepal i couldn`t believe this is really gonna happen thank you for such support for Nepali people who always wanna participate for big win and still no win but also trying & hoping for it. Lots of love form Nepal


just here to win the give away i have followed all rules

This is a great opportunity for us. I want to take anyone of this phon with my good luck coz i don`t have good phone for use.

This is one of my great opportunity to win the giveaway. You are all rich in mobile. But for a middle class family like me it`s a dream. So please help to win the giveaway. Only one phone is enough for me .

I need a mobile for mobile photography Because I`m middle class family so i can`t by camera and i will participate this game i wish i gave one phone

Hope to win this time

Thankyousoomuch for the give away hope to win

Hope to win :)

Just trying my luck

Thank u guys for the opportunity to participate in this competition ...

Hlo bro, I am a big of yours and gadgetbyte nepal and have seen her all videos till date and personally think students should be prioritized first

Very excited

I like all 3 phones


Nice. Job

I loved all these all 3 phones since they were launched in nepal as well in world and all 3 phones camera are most powerful. i love their design as well. thank u I`m the biggest fan of you

Thanks for the opportunity.

It would be lucky to have any phone

Hope to win!!

Do hurry to participate

Thank you for the opportunity .

I want any one of those

good luck every one include me:-

unbelievable `@versus if you i am win give me iphone12promax

Yeah nice partnership...hope you love to collaborate with nepalese!!

I hope you all gies And me to ... To win this lucky give away .. Because we all want to win this give away .. And we all have own views to win this give away of gadgets byte... Thanks for this give away lucky draw to gadget byte

Wow really amazing

Looking for result trying luck

I want GalaxyS21ultra

just wow wow wow

having Samsung s21 ultra is drem for me...hope to win

Good job

I`m using oppo A7k from 3 year neither i have a money to bye a mobile let`s hope for good

Can I get please

Love form Nepal

Hope to have one

Awesome collaboration for all.Always wanted to have one of those mentioned phone for my experience. I wish i get lucky this time

iPhone12ProMax please!

Let goo!!!!!

I`ve been using Samsung phone since many years. But owning the s21ultra is always dream for me. For me Samsung is the best. HOPE

Let my hand be scrolled on these expensive goodies

Thats a wonderful

hope to win!!!

Still Dream to have that phone on hand wanna get it from here

I`m in.

Hope to win 1 giveaway

Luv all these phones but I like to use the android ones please consider it

Lets win

Really excited


thnQbfor my happyness

Thank you

All the best to all the participants

hey versus .. lots of love from Nepal .. hope to get luck in my favour.


cool man hope i win would be a nice chance to win something

Nice giveaway



Hope To Win Fingers Crossed

Lets hope to get something this time, finger crossedfor myself to be lucky to get one of this phenomenal gadget.

I really loved ur offer.. Willing to have one of the phones

I can win all of these smart phones:::GalaxyS21Ultra vs. iPhone12ProMax vs. OnePlus9Pro

I hope I get it

I can win GalaxyS21Ultra vs. iPhone12ProMax vs. OnePlus9Pro all of these.

Love to have such giveaway

Hope i win

So excited

Those are my dream phones

It would be pleasure to have any one of them

Well done


Thanks you so muchh for giveaway and winning iphone thanks yiu

Hope to win it

Hope to win

Pretty sure that I`m getting one of these


Please Iphone 12 Pro Max

i need this plz. I don`t have a mobile.

Doesn`t matter. All of them are nice to haves

I will win this giveaway for sure!

I need a mobile for my online class I cannot afford its hard for medium class family

Doesn`t matter. All of them are nice to haves

All the best

thankyou for this give away

All three are best.. But iPhone 12pro max and Samsung s21ultra are just above then oneplus 9 pro

thank you for this opportunity

Lets check the luck

It`s a great give away ever

I would be gald to win this giveaway.

sure S21 ultra


I needed a phone for my online class it is a great opportunity for me

I just want the phone

hope to win by any chance

i hope i dont get

Great opportunity, thanks

Participated From India

Love it

Hell yeah, I wanna Win one!

I hope my luck with me for this great opportunity giveaway. Thank you soo much for this great opportunity Lot`s of love from Nepal

I want one of those.

I love these 3 phones very much but they are very expensive and good looking so i can`t buy it

Keep up good work

I m in need of this phone for my online examination..plz help

Hope i will Win it Lucky Giveaway

hope to win a giveaway for the first time


wow thats good

I am following and watching youtube videos of gadgetbyte from more than 2 years

I don`t believe on luck.. But miracle may happen.. Hope for the best....

Very informative

Great opportunity



I love these 3 flagship smart phones. Giveaway is only the way to get those flagships phones.

Luck is in favour or not let`s see it

hope i got iphone


nice !!

Lets goo

I want any one.

ig do it...

Loads of love

I want that phone beacause I want to gift phone to my mom for her birthday so lets hope for good news and good luck to me. Thank you so much for this golden opportunity and lots of love from nepal

Any one of them would be worthy for mee

I want this giveaway

and I`m gonna win this time

Hahaha just trying to look out for luck ............ still loading

Wish me luck & wish you

Time has Come

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