Game recs and tiktok stuff! https://t

July 20, 2021, 12:29 am
Game recs and tiktok stuff! https://t
Game recs and tiktok stuff!

Hollow Knight if you like that style of game is a blast

Lmaooo alright I have no counter point then

You should play it, last of us series is so good!

Its more about the relationship the characters have than zombies. Trust me you will like it.

Last of us is the best game for the PlayStation. Hands down.

lol play with the volume down

Have you tried the last of us 1&2???

Last of us is my favorite story of all time. Red dead is great as well

I got Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo switch too!

Mass. Effect. Trilogy. Remastered. Is. A. Must.

I didnt listen to the sound just thought you wanted to know what console ppl played But gears for war for game

Detroit Become Human one of my favorites

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