Gamecube memories were so awesome, the titles they released

August 6, 2021, 2:43 pm
Gamecube memories were so awesome, the titles they released
Gamecube memories were so awesome, the titles they released. PS2 was the solidarity of turning into a hardcore lil kid.. Xbox 360 til now with Xbox Series S. Xbox has been a huge part of my life, my lifestyle, my friends, family. Xbox is life.

Games like assassin creed I have to play everyday or else Ill never finish them I love those games though. Ill look into Alan Wake even though I dont have a PlayStation

Im glad you have that man Thats a nice thing to have, I hope you keep it always. The gaming community can be very wholesome and welcoming, without a doubt Ive found a lot of friendship gems from gaming too

Art is great, video games exceed in that area. A lot of addictive songs come from video game soundtracks. Legit some of their idle songs make you wanna dance (halo or bo2 cough cough) Suppose I just gotta cut back on the multiplayer and delve into story games again

@KhaleesiVT Its also an escape. Its a plaform. A club. A friend group. A place, where I can be with my friends and just- have a good time and create memories with to share and repeat later. Skills to shine. A place where I can be myself AND motivate others to do so too.

@KhaleesiVT Video games and music correlate for me heavily. From the Final Fantasy soundtracks to Halo, Mario, TMNT, Streetfighter etc. Different artists with different styles. Music expands the experience while the story expands the universe. I love art. In all forms.

Video Games dont make people violent, people make people violent, while others are born violent and need help. Video games can be a platform the same way social media is, the same way with being on a stage performing. Gamechat, isnt the place to do harm. Act like adults.

At least Im addicted to video games and not hardcore drugs and alcohol, at least Im not selling my body, at least Im not plagiarizing, at least Im not being a pedo, at least Im not bullying, at least Im not acting violent and unleashing hate crimes and hurting people etc.

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