GitHub should start an App Store

February 1, 2021, 10:06 am
GitHub should start an App Store
GitHub should start an App Store. Great idea! And GitLab too. They have the distribution and skillset to pull it off, and could make one-click installation work on desktop and Android, if not iOS.

except github is owned by Microsoft, so...centralization again.

Github app store is a good idea. But to make a really decentralize i think apps should allowed to be installed directly from app owners website. No app store at all. Sure there is a risk but there are ways to mitigate it.

Meh, Github is part of a BigTech that forces you to install software on your computer... NeverForget

support model for that

Would rather get a decentralized play store developed anew. May be more than one. As long as code provenance built on blockchain, there is no specific advantage github has I believe.

But then Github becomes a centralized bottle neck.

We welcome all apps (including Android) on SourceForge: You can also continue to use GitHub for development and sync releases directly to SourceForge automatically: All software is scanned for malware & no bundled installers.

GitHub bans projects for political or subjective reasons. They are not a good steward.

Weve had phone manufacturers launch app stores, new and old startups attempt it, but seldom do any succeed.. Distribution / Network Effects kicking in at scales that matter Imho the most deep-noded products (say the of tomorrow) will get s real shot at it!

Would definitely be down to make an app store like that, but would need help with funding

Would be totally down to make this, but would need some amount of funding

GitHub is also suspending people for political/ideological reasons

Terrible idea. Next App store needs to be anonymous/community ran and blockchain based. Github is owned by MS which does whatever government tells it to do. No thank you. Stop this madness.

Whatever says, will happen. In retrospect, it was inevitable !

Good for temporary solution bcuz even github can be corrupted when they get big enough so ultimate solution shld be complete DECENTRALIZED APP STORE!

Google (and Facebook`s news function) threatens to deplatform Australia. Time for a decentralised search engine + app ecosystem. Let`s say for arguments sake, GitHub starts a store. Given GitHub is owned by MSFT doesnt that just turn an app duopoly (GOOG and AAPL) into a triopoly, still controlled by tech giants?

Microsoft will fold under the pressure same as google or apple. Cool idea but naive

I`m curious if GitHub/Microsoft of today would actually support a legal or regulatory challenge to require open access to competing app stores on mobile platforms. The irony WRT the OS/browser consent decree which changed Microsoft in the past...

Not possible on iOS right? Seems like that needs to be fixed first, hopefully by the legal system.

Theres no need for an App Store when android users can already install any apk. Also yall aint thinking about this right. People should be building on the web + IPFS. If we continue improving web standards, users can have app like experience with PWAs

Agreed, verifiable installs from the source code could be a selling feature.

Github owns npm, so they already have the developer app store. Homebrew leverages github very substantially...

There should be a framework for competing app stores on all platforms; and linking apps to source code in a verifiable manner would me most excellent.

They censored Catalonia under pressure from the Spanish state. Great, a Microsoft app store

And from another angle, hopefully can win some ground too on the topic of alternative app stores

Did you check out Paytm`s Mini App Store ? GitHub has been doing some amazing work - iirc theyve managed to give Iranians access as well. Theyd be really good candidates for this

If GitHub did this, a few steps later there would probably a GitHub-distributed version of something like GrapheneOS and maybe GitHub hardware reference designs which could be single-clicked to a contract manufacturer..

Just say no to gatekeepers.

If Microsoft plays nice, then why did Parler not move their servers to Azure?

Love that, makes so much sense! Also one to keep an eye on is the team building an App Store on Arweave which would make apps censorship resistant / permanently stored - some say you can slowly boil a frog without it noticing but this is a fable in reality the frog will eventually notice, and escape the pot are you listening Democratization of app stores, Github is now owned by MS hence you can expect. And yes they have open source community support now

Android only iOS forget it

I love GitHub and think they`re well positioned, but Apple controlling iOS / macOS and Google "controlling" Android are where their major competitive advantages lie in terms of built-in distribution. Steam has done a good job showing outsiders can play too, though...

And give 30% to Apple?

Distribution-first is the new mobile-first.

IIRC sourceforge used to do something like that with binaries, monetizing with interstitials (or its ancient equivalent).

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