Giveaway 5x kanto tour pokemongo event tickets to

January 18, 2021, 4:49 pm
Giveaway 5x kanto tour pokemongo event tickets to
GIVEAWAY! 5x Kanto Tour PokemonGO Event Tickets! To Enter: - Follow me (so I can DM when you win) - Retweet & Like this Tweet - Reply with iOS/Android and your country - Tag a Friend Winners picked on Jan 25th! I`ll ALSO Livestream the event at

yes rev, streaming on my day off, finallllly. ios/usa

US new york Android . Android India If i win rev give te ticket too Android Android Argentina Nice one Gio UK Android and I tag Android Belgium Android India Im tagging both of you since both of you play lol I use an IOS!

I am on IOS and live in Germany. I dont have Friends on Twitter, but I like Bulbasaur :)

Already purchased it. This entry is on the behalf of the person I am tagging, who is a US iOS user. Android form Poland

Android, United States tagging you because why not haha

Playing in Germany on Android with Android, Argentina android USA I have no friends (lol sad but true)

Android India iOS The Netherlands Im iOS version and here a friend to check out your tweet Android, USA, gl everyone!!

iOS and I live in America Android netherlands I am an android user from India

Android Android, Brazil. Android/ United States hes my go to tag a friend

android and usa!

I play on Android from Puerto Rico Hey Reversal I cant wait for the giveaway.IOS from New York

Android Philippines

I play on android and I m from morocco

Android- INDIA Android puerto Rico Please! I really really want it. Even on the events I don`t get many shiny pokemons

iOS - Germany - good luck everyone.

Android, Poland -

Android, Brazil Android Canada Why I am participating even if I know I wont won?

IOS and Im from the US come here

iOS, South Korea Friend: Android, from Slovenia Android, From Mexico Android/US Android / Brazil Android Android, Brazil iOS and US! Friend: From Spain and I have Android! uwu

Android - Indonesia. Please don`t bully my bulba.

iOS from USA Friend: IOS Spain I all ready bought the ticket so good luck to everyone without it

Wasn`t gonna buy it so I like what you`re doing for players. I`m iOS, from the UK and I`ll tag since I know he plays the game

Android, Brazil Android Germany aaand delta you want it cause you need it :3

Android brother United States ;D

Android, the Netherlands,

Android, India Sorry, I don`t have any friends.

Android user and I`m from SOUTH AFRICA

I`ve already purchased my ticket but here`s a chance for you to get one for free I`ll even give you this one if I win Android right

I really want this ticket but I cant buy it from my parents. I also follow you on twitch, I watch every stream iOS,Belgium

IOS From The Netherlands weet niemand anders lmao

Android Country. India Freind : IOS and America i would love to win this

India and Android. Also Hopefully I get a chance to transfer a few shinies like you do

IOS Netherlands Android Italy Android - Netherlands - I want to win Reversaaaal, fingers crossed - Im Android - Android and from india

Hopefully i`ll win. Android, Germany. 1/25 is my birthday and this would be an awesome gift!! I got an android an I live in the usa

Android - United Kingdom

Androis user from Brazil Android India iOS United States So excites for this event Android/ untied states Android, India Android, belgium
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