August 24, 2021, 10:59 am
GIVEAWAY TIME In 3 words, describe what your dream smartwatch is Should include appearance and functionality The follower with the most creative answer will be announced on the 25th of Aug good luck You can also click the link in the BIO to get your watch NOW!

My dream smart watch should be - Waterproof - Have a Powerful Battery - Have a Beautiful Outlook Made with a Shock resistant material

OraimoTempo3 Embellished, programmable and versatile

OraimoTempoW3 Embellished,programmable and versatile.

Rare Easy Affordable

Reliable , durable effective oraimoTempoW3

1.Handsome metric 2Big digital 3.luminous dial

Comfortable Durable Oraimo`s

Fast processor Bright display Attractive colors and band options Support 3rd party apps and selection On board music storage or supports spotify or deezer music apps Longer battery life Water resistant Bluetooth support for headset

1,Affordable 2,Dazzling 3,Timeless Oraimotempow3

Elegant, Smart and Classy

Slick, futuristic and precise.

Sleek Accuracy Durability

User friendly, great straps and design

Do you sell Oraimo Chargers

Sleek, Fitting, Efficient.

My dream watch is a Slim sporty Oraimo watch OraimoTempoW3

Classic, touchscreen, tracker

Unique, awesome, latest and stylish

Elegant to complement every outfit, up to date with latest features and seamlessly pair with my phone for easier use bc I`m on my phone alot.

Smart Simple Stylish

sporty-looking smartwatch, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity compatible with Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 and above system, Receive notifications on my calls, SMS, it also should support social app notifications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype.

Slim. Beautiful. Strong.

Water Resistant, Easy to use and Fast charging

MY MIND: Can I have the watch? YES! Can I purchase it incase I am not the most creative? YES! VS REALITY: Will I have it? Will I purchase it incase I am not the most creative? YES!(NKIOMOKA)

Digital Smartly Carved

It has to be Oraimoic as in compact, encompasses latest smart features, lasts longer, has high quality display, and is stylish

Sleek, fast and durable

Smashing C-Strap Dial.

Nice lookingno need charging fitness tracker and has a light indicator, I can read it at night. Elegant, functional and classy

Efficient durable and classy

SPOT( Smart Personal Object Tech) Durable Curved Anti-Splash oraimoosw16 mydreamwatch

Classy Beautiful Elegant please retweet my tweet oraimokenya explorewithoraimo oraimoTempoW3

perfect, stylish, non-annoying. please retweet my comment n follow niwin hii please

1.Artful 2.Unsophisticated 3.crisp oraimomydreamwatch OraimoTempoW3

Kadurable high processor

Beaming Dazzling Energetic

Classy. Reliable. Efficient.

Smooth, elegant, sensitive

Classy Efficient Affordable oraimomydreamwatch OraimoTempoW3

Modern, Effective, Convinient

Battery, specs, Design

Fast, Reliable, Durable

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