Giving away a PBA #AXIE team to one lucky

August 7, 2021, 11:09 am
Giving away a PBA #AXIE team to one lucky
Giving away a PBA AXIE team to one lucky winner. Who is the best person to get it? axiescholarship axieinfinityscholarship axiescholarshipprogram

please consider me sir

Im still hoping to you sir as a part of your axie scholar team.. I will do my best sir to improve your team.

Really hoping to be part of it I promise that I will do my best and surely invest a time, effort and skill in playing Axie Infinity and won`t make you regret because I will do my best

Please sir iam willing to be part of your team

Hello managers! Name: jay braza Age: 18 Gender: Male Location: San Carlos city negros Occidental Civil Status: Single Nationality: Filipino Occupation: student Device to be used in playing Axie Infinity: Android phone Internet: Data Average SLP per day: 150-200

Good day Managers! Currently looking for scholarships I`m hoping to be chosen and be one of your team. I don`t have any experience in this game but I`ve already understood the game by watching streamers, I`m also fast learner. I still waiting manager

hey ! this is it! claim it now!

Of course its me

Im still waiting sir

How do i get a chance to be your scholar?

Im interested Name:Jessel lariosa2675 Age: 33 Gender: Female Address: San carlos cit negros occidental Civil Status: Married Nationality: Filipino I learned how this game work by studying the gameplay watching streamer live,asking some players of axie infinity by other opponent`

Hi MSJ that would be me.. I al Lota Grace Beniabon 36, been looking for manager for 1 month already.. im a single mom.. Been watching in youtube amd livestrram bout this game. I can grind 6-7 hours ill be using android wifi. Please count me in.

I got this Manifesting I`ll claim myself to the best to get it because of my good intentions of the Axie community my intentions to help people my intentions to have more friends, my goal 8s to help people as long as I can and I know this is the first step-

Hopefully I am the luckiest person.

If I would be given this chance to have your team giveaway this would help me farm my own slp and the run for my own scholarship to help more people that I can reac out if I would be given this opportunity it will not only help me, but also to people-

Still hiping to be part of your team sir

Let it be me. IM THE BEST!!!

If it`s not for us...may be it`s not yet the right time...! Blessed are those who know how to wait..

Good day sir I am Rudiemae Eduliantes 20 yrs old a college student from Vallehermoso Negros Oriental hoping you will give me this one of a kind opportunity , I`m a dedicated and willing to meet all your expectations and I can assure you that I am capable player

Congratulations advance to the lucky winner....whoever you are,you deserve it!..God has His own way of blessing you...

Hi good day manager I`m Regina Aranda 21years old located at the General Trias Cavite Philippines a competitive player of mobile games. And I have experienced axie game because one of my cousins is a scholar. I applying scholarship to sustain my family needs.

Nice one paps! Want to be in your team Made some wallpaper for you manifesting to be meeee

I already have an experience on how to play that team and how to Position it right. Please consider me manager

Lend it on me , i can take care of it sir .Im a trustworthy tho

Hi Good day! I`m Jaivee Estoleros Reyes,College student, and I want to be part of your scholarship program. I`m willing to give all of my time and effort to meet your expectations. I can play 10-16hrs per day and reach your desired quota as soon as possible. Im hoping tho :<<

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