☕ GM #WAXFam! Let`s take a moment to remember

June 18, 2022, 10:00 pm
☕ GM #WAXFam! Let`s take a moment to remember
GM WAXFam! Let`s take a moment to remember all of the in-game content you`ve bought that weren`t NFTs. Which of those assets were you most proud of & wish were an NFT now? Post them along w/ your WAX Wallet address below & tag the game to let them know!

Are we talking WOW? and all of the sill things from Blizzard?

Why no WAXNFT? Seriously... also the project that started me looking into how to make a game like this and now the journey has evolved.... AAA better watch out... WAX comin for ya. I used to play as Sparkle Specalist , an OG season 1 skin to represent how long ive been around! Fortnite skins, so I could sell them all for playstation balance

klrye.wam Thank you so much

The was once a game called WoW where young warriors teached Orks how to behave. So many swords and shields were sold be me on those markets. Loved every second of it. If there was WAX on WoW at that time I would be millionaire today. My wax account is ikfau.wam

perfect ethereal breath of the dying perfect grief phase blade perfect grief berserker axe perfect chains of honour perfect fortitude your Blockchain is littered with scams and glorified "games". There is not a single game worth playing right now.

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