Good morning and a happy Monday, Twitter! How are

September 6, 2021, 12:49 pm
Good morning and a happy Monday, Twitter! How are
Good morning and a happy Monday, Twitter! How are you all doing today? Got any plans for the week? Maybe youre learning something new? Working on something cool? Tell me all about it

Really need to finish the changes to all my apps for iOS 15 so that Im ready to submit or have time to react to last-minute changes (new Watch screen sizes ) in a few weeks. And hoping there wasnt something really important in all those WWDC videos I havent watched yet

Working on a new app for hockey scores, stats, and news Working on IndieAppsCatalog and I got also by CSS so I am watching a lot of videos about features like the Grid, pseudo elements and similar

Trying to get CoreMotion to work for an app idea I have. The documentation is useful for getting the data, its just using it which is the problem for me. That and of course, job applications.

Pushing my next episode live, I worked a bit ahead. :) Also working on getting another release out the door. made macOS 11.5 available, so it was a whole lot easier to do it with our pipelines again.

Chapter 19 of SwiftUI Apprentice Book

Today I start the beta test of the new version of with the new SwiftUI elements. Frantically google translating a flood of Sanskrit customer feedback messages after my WhatsApp relationship analyser was featured by a publication for Islamic iPhone users... this world never ceases to amaze me .

Its new years (Rosh Hashana) in Israel. 3 day holiday and we are invited to a meal each day If you want to celebrate along, dip an (the fruit ) in honey

Morning Donny, just released my new app, I wanted an app that scanned an image from my photos for codes that did not require subscriptions.

The only thing that is (mildly) worrying me is the gap that there will be in my cv/work history. But then again, if a company is gonna discard my cv just because I decided to take the time to properly level up, I dont think I would like working for them

Just began my last week at my current job. The last few months have been quite tough, so I decided to quit. Gotta wrap things up, and then Ill be free to brush up on things that I wanted to properly study, meanwhile searching for a new iOS job.

Clearing space on my mac for Xcode 13 beta

Today I`m starting to learn an important topic for myself - Practical Core Data: A modern guide to the Core Data framework. Author . Please wish me luck :)

Im trying to figure out how to do this. Input from catalyst devs would be appreciated. Wrap my head around with RxSwift and Combine of course. It may take me a week though. But, I`m super excited to learn reactive programming and operator compositions.

Im building an app to prank my friends Its nice to take a break and do something just for fun

Making an app clip for the fun of it, implementing sso in my login flow written in combine

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