Google Pixel 6 or iPhone 13

September 9, 2021, 3:47 am
Google Pixel 6 or iPhone 13
Google Pixel 6 or iPhone 13

Pixel 6 will be a quantum type of leap in phone performance over the other brands

I have the Samsung fold 3 but also getting a pixel 5a, don`t think I need the 6

Depends on the launch of Pixel 6 . The way team is launching phones in India I believe they`re the marketing team of . If nothing comes to India of course will opt for iPhone. isn`t at all worried about their loyal customers. TeamPixel

iPhone because the Pixel 6 will only receive 3 years of updates.

I`m really excited about the Pixel 6! I`m almost certain I`m going to get one myself.

Pixel 6 but only after 6 months

Pixel 6 all day long

Pixel 6 definitely a game changer

pixel 6 if you launch it in India

Apple = twice the prize for half the functionality

If you want a phone that will seen like an update, it`s the pixel6

Pixel 6 :0 HDRnet at 4k video and maybe zero shutter lag night sight x1000

pixel 6 but am Microsoft fan so for me Microsoft surface duo2

IPhone 13, bcoz google not dare to release in India.

Of course Pixel 6. Apple iPhone`s makes life hard to work in day to day basis, you need only Apple products for the convenience and ecosystems

y not both so u would know, & we also lol

Get the iPhone 13 so there`s an extra Pixel 6 I can get in your place

The one that does not spy on you

i`m no more intersted about Powerful world fastest Chipset Phone. Definetly Pixel 6

My Pixel 3XL still has a better camera than my iPhone 12

Been asking myself all month

Not even a duel, bro. Pixel 6 any time. The real duel will be Pixel 7 vs. iPhone 14.

iPhone & Apple.

Depends on you what you want out of your device. Not because they are two big name phones from two big tech companies. So to make things easier do you like customization? If so Android 100%. If you like things that just work iPhone. And of course we can go on on. So just depends.

Id go with!!!!! Pixel 6/Pro. There is no other right answer.

Sorry, but it would be iPhone for me. have dropped me and my PixelSlate like a hot potato just 2 months out of warranty Just cant be trusted to look after you, a loyal customer, which is very sad, frustrating and costly!

I`m all pixel 6 pro hopefully with the pixel watch as well

The answer is always Google, carry on.

Wait for the iPhone 14.

Pixel 6! You know the cameras are going up another level this time!!

Pixel 6 all the way! teampixel

Well. It all boils down to a question that`s either super simple or extremely hard. iOS or Android?

Tough one it doesnt help the iPhone 13 is being released before the pixel 6

Definitely Pixel 6 iphone 13 will be just an upgrade for iPhone 12, which is an upgrade for iPhone 11, etc...

Always Pixel... unlees they don`t sell it un your country You know what wed choose.

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