Google Pixel 6 Pro V/S iPhone 13 Pro Which

October 21, 2021, 2:17 am
Google Pixel 6 Pro V/S iPhone 13 Pro Which
Google Pixel 6 Pro V/S iPhone 13 Pro Which one you choose iOS or Android.

This doesnt say anything? How would words tensor and A15 make sense with no benchmark scores? This aint a fair comparison, chief.

Call screening one of the best and exclusive features of pixel

6 Pro for sure

This is not fair, iPhone is not even in this category, obviously it`s not flagship anymore

Pixel all day

Funny how people boast about the A15 but don`t play games on their phones or ever use 100% of CPU and GPU performance. Those are just numbers that don`t mean much in real life scenarios. Learned that after using both iOS and Android.

Pixel rocks

From this two, I`d go with the Pixel.

I use iPhone from a long time and has always liked its consistency which will be same as day 1(of course not counting battery health). But Pixel has software integration which works really well in localised areas, say here in India like the Maps, which Apple lacks. Tough call!

My choice right here The 6 pro and the 13 pro are the closest in price but the 6 pro is more comparable to the 13 pro max

If I can get for free, it`s definitely iPhone 13 Pro, coz I already have an android phone. But my money goes to the Pixel

iOS never Always Android (my "own" phone )

Pixel 6 pro hands down

pixel 6 pro because its better and i can install free apps.

Three years of software support vs six plus security updates for even longer!

A15 slaughters Tensor, which has the performance of A10/A11



I am waiting for tensors benchmark score to make a opinion.

Damn. Google`s getting super competitive. I would love to see where this is going.

Gotta at least hand this to apple. Even with lower numbers, it still delivers on one of the best camaras on the smartphone market and surprisingly good battery life with their latest phone.

Easy. Apple. Hardware is important but battery size and camera MP size means nothing if the chipset isnt optimized. iPhone has the best chipset. Everything is apple made so its highly power efficient and the camera system is one of the best in industry.


It`s Google pixel 6 Pro always

Google is better

Clear winner Pixel6Pro


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