Google`s "near perfect" translator promises to break the language barrier

July 31, 2013, 6:48 pm

Google continues its efforts to dominate every sector of the market, wowing us along the way! The company`s latest effort along these lines, according to Android product guru Hugo Barra, is a real-time universal translator.
Barra told the U.K. Times that "several years" from now, he envisions devices (likely Android phones or something similar) that allow people to travel around the globe without having to be concerned about language barriers. Barra also spoke of the ability for calls to be translated from one language to another in real time. The idea is simple: a person on one end of the call might speak in English, and that speech would then be instantly translated into Portuguese for the person listening on the other end in Sao Paulo.Before we go praising Google for another forward-thinking humanitarian initiative, it`s worth noting that the ability to listen to and translate countless conversations across the world amounts to a brand new mountain of data for the company to parse for ad targeting and other revenue-generating possibilities. Plus it would make the life so much easier for intelligence agencies the world over!Perhaps by the end of the several years that Barra mentions, we`ll not only see perfected universal translators, but a totally new era that will end the language barrier and unify the human race in a way never experienced before.
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