Got text telling me am due upgrade

November 12, 2021, 4:44 pm
Got text telling me am due upgrade
Got text telling me am due upgrade currently have Huawei. Any recommendations welcome

Don`t get a 5g fone the quality of calls keeps dropping signal on a s20

Aye get rid of that phone cos they are probably tracking and logging your every movement!! Chinese spy phone

I`m due an upgrade too first time I`m unsure what to get. I`ve got the Huawei P30 pro. Mrs went from Huawei to Oppo and hasn`t had an issue. Seems to be the new Huawei. I still haven`t got a clue tho

Hold off till Jan, the new Samsungs will be released

Samsung s21 ultra is the best with 12gb ram which is one of the biggest ram, and has, amazing processor and great camera. It`s all in one phone

S21+ or ultra. I have the s20+ and its a cracking phone and camera

Motorola g10 , brilliant battery lasts for days.

I`m no jinxing it lol

Do yourself a favour and search xiaomi, unbelievable tech for the price

Thats all I can tell you really

An upgrade? Probably Gio van Bronckhorst imo

Dont change if your phone is ok? Go to sim only, will save you a fortune. Im on19 for unlimited calls& texts and 10gig

Lol send me your number and I`ll help

Pixel 6 came out this week

Not the same haha. I upgrade every couple of years haha

Oppo is the new Huawei btw if you go searching in any shops they do look decent handsets though . Samsung galaxy ultra range will always win but the s21 is a bit costly . Could always look for the s20 ultra , can`t be much between them these days

Samsung has a good battery life too.

Never had a Google phone. You`re right anything but apple.

I got the p30 pro and other than the battery not being as good it is perfect

I`m going samsung shortly A52s mid range but cracking camera and battery don`t need anything else. Waiting to see what blackfriday offers but likely buying outright then sim only deal as far better value

More than ultra HD lol

Yeah you`ll get an s21 for that if you`re prepared to sign up for three years

I was due in March, kept the phone on a 20 sim only. 120gb

S21 is a very good phone something new aswell if u ain`t had a Samsung

Battery is apparently brilliant on them

Excellent camera. Great phone had the 20 ultra and 21 ultra now. No flips or folds. Don`t trust the screens. This is just a bloody lovely phone.

Can video 8k aswell lol

iBlower 12 mini . Rest of phones these days are like flat screen TVs , well be needing a wheelbarrow for them to be mobile if they carry on the way they are.

I had s20 ultra and upgraded . Camera is unreal fones fast and nice screen size

Second this, phone is magnificent. Fast and long battery with amazing camera

so am i and i want away from them, cant get a signal in my house at all, 1 bar and no 4g lol. aye its a gd deal but im holding out for a new contract with EE.

Depends on your budget, but I`ve tried a few and it`s the most reliable of the androids

Samsung galaxy S21 is the business.........

I`ve been using them for years, 128 gb memory, 6gb/8gb processing, 5.7 inch screen

Samsung s21 ultra cracking cameras on them

Xiaomi are brilliant, have a look at the max 3

One is Rangers the other is Villa

Yh definitely the best phone I`ve ever had

I have a Google pixel 4, I like it, dnt like I phones....

I think they`re very good. Samsung are too. I don`t get the latest model now, there`s not much difference.

Yeah it`s amazing, my wee yin got the a51 which is good also

Ay there alright haha Ive had one for nearly 10 years now

Samsung 21 ultra is a beauty

I`ve got the same. Pretty happy with it but now Huawei have fell out with Google kinda makes getting a new one less appealing. Not sure what I want next. Might just keep this, send it for a service, new battery.

Wait til January for Samsung s22

Got the Samsung galaxy a52 5G best phone I`ve had an I upgraded from the bloody awful Huawei

Oppo is apparently the new Huawei

iPhone 12 Pro. Everything else is pish

Am on s20 no bad phone good camera here the 21 is better

Ive just gone from Samsung to iPhone and I wish I had done it years ago

samsung z fold is the one im wanting just now but need to pay 200 quid to get my contract cancelled. EE are doing a deal on the google pixel for black friday and getting an xbox with it worth 250, can always punt or give as xmas present if not into that

S21 best fone evere

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