Gran Turismo 7 takes center stage in an all-new

January 31, 2022, 1:21 pm
Gran Turismo 7 takes center stage in an all-new
Gran Turismo 7 takes center stage in an all-new State of Play, arriving Wednesday at 2pm Pacific:

Only GT7? Excited, to say the least.

This is what I`m waiting for, two more days I`m excited

Wouldn`t a horizon state of play make more sense

How bout some Socom love at this State of Play?? Come on Sony, for old times sakes

Give us Bloodborne 2.

I see a silvia

Just need a Playstation 5 to play it..... Oh wait...... BMW Z4 GT3 IS BACKKK

Forza horizon better. Get ready for mid

Sad to say i`m expecting to see comparison videos between this and Forza after Wednesday! Haha

Zero game play smh

Get rid of the online requirements

seriously ? After all this wait it`s an entire State of Play dedicated to a racing game rather than focus on your next big launch AKA God of War Ragnark ? What a waste.

01 - I feel there is not really a hype for GT7 because people know exactly how it`s going to be, GT is the same since forever, looks good but there has been no twist in the formula, no new modes, not a single oficial recreative mode in-game, rally will still feel like crap...

I`m not into this game.But as long smash they say this game supports VRR and they say when VRR is coming I`m good.If not they lied!!!

Interesting that this is the first tweet of the day...

It`s a pass from me

But will we see Deathloop?

Hi. Id like to pre-order a PS6. I dont think Ill get a PS5 the next year (for under 800), so this might be the better idea. Are there any possibilities to set me on that waiting-list? Till then I will have to try some other next gen console. After years of only Sony.

I love Gran Turismo, and GT Sport is probably the game I spent most time on PS4. With that said, I really don`t understand why they stick with rally races. They are annoying and not nearly as enjoyable as regular track racing (in Gran Turismo, of course). Just... Stop

I hope full PSVR2 support is announced.

Hogwarts legacy and god of war better be in this

PSVR2 Mode shown

I`m so excited for this game

We need to see something else. The cars barely can be customizable. The cars cant be much damaged.

Is there people still playing ps after what microsoft did lol what a shame

I remember in high school playing the first two with my brother and the amount of hours we put into them. I hope to relive some memories with this.

Kinda wish I was into cars enough to get this, looks cool but all I wanna do is race and crash into stuff

Sorry but Forza better.

It looks pretty good

One I can actually miss and not watch Thank God PlayStation is dying

Can wait to play This

bruh nobody cares about Gran Turismo anymore people already moved on to Forza

Why are you like this, we need Spartacus or personally VR2..

Sure this is one for you No god of war I remember playing the very first Gran Turismo when I was 10yrs old and was blown away! Been a massive fan of the franchise since, cant wait

This is your response ?

Does it have offroad tracks?

you`re such a fraud lol

So more gameplay details about Gran Turismo 7?! I get to see more of it?!?!?!? Count me in! Boring game why play this when you can play FORZA

I`m just waiting for new Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts trailers maybe next time....

I thought this was real life images my goodness

show other games too not only GT7

The only good game coming to PlayStation this year

huge response to microsoft

Nah thats real life

the day where Playstation is beating Xbox in the competition

That it nothing else

What a flop of a game sorry. No offence to PS4 players who cant get hold of a ps5 or obtain one due to circumstances. They really shouldnt of said this game was next gen with 8k etc when its been held back by the PS4 and PS4 has effected the end result in various ways

Microsoft spent 70 billion bucks but PlayStation gamers get all the good games. Great deal. I can live with that.

GT7 looks mid so far, wonder if it will look better on Wednesday

U ban me for no reason my psn is xDoqmovink

I got my ps5 a few days ago I`ve been busy with work but I can finally play it all day tomorrow. Where my ps5 friends at

Goddamn that looks amazing

Great, more GT memes

Waiting on Elden Ring. My game for the next year or two.

These toxic, whining, trolls is the perfect example of why I rarely get on Twitter.

I hope they geek out on us and spend too much time talking about how we need to get licenses for different car classes

Show more God of War Ragnarok gameplay in State of Play

Always identical engine sound bizzzzzbizzzzzz Praying for Spartacus info

What about god of war ragnarok? It`s been 5 months already...

Lowkey what is there to show to fill out a state of play. Pretty graphics and Vroom Vroom

We watched Sony E3 2016 with open mouth. From Death stranding and God of war to Spider man, Days Gone and Resident evil 7. Have you taken it now? After the recent Activision / Microsoft events, are you holding an event for a game that we have seen too much so far?

Like anyone cares for GT7. This is all youre doing one state of play on GT7 what a waste.

dynamic weather.....

I really think it`s over for Sony. They`re in big trouble. If this is all they`ve got. I`m definitely not getting a PS5 for this game (if I could even get one).

Sony: GT7 state of play on Wednesday! People watching on wednesday: wHeReS GtA 6?

All cars spotlessly clean, little roll, no damage.. hope its not too artificial and feels somewhat realistic

30 min lol. Its a racing game you drive cool

Where is horizon??

30 minutes of gran turismo? Sleep

Ray tracing adds so much to the realism, good god that looks fresh. Can u bring GT to PC aswell please? Used to play it back in the day on PS1. Thanks guys, love ya

Come on guys,we need something interesting


Personally, Ive never been fan of Gran Turismo and simulations in general. IMO Disappointing. What about the rumored revamped PS Plus? What about the Discord integration? How about unannounced first party games? We need big news for this early 2022.

I mean I understand theres people that want more on this game but thats it??

so only gt7.. good bruh 1440p support when...?! It is so long after release. XboxSEX have it from first day of release!!!

Looks amazing ! Cant wait

This game is so old. Not even a PS5 game. Looks like a PS4 game.

First racing game I`ve wanted to play since ps2 can`t wait

Don`t really care about racing games, but all I hope is for a VR mode announcement. Psvr2 needs all the killer apps possible.

I hope this delivers. Havent touched GT since the first one on Ps1

The people in the comment section make me laugh. You can tell who actually likes gaming and who outs themselves as some backwards caveman whos in it for the us vs them tribalism

Gran Turismo and the Nissan S15 have joined forces once again!

Any news on the VRR FIRMWARE UPDATE Sony?

Ehhh I really wish I could get into GT again. PS1/2 GT was cool. Its so bland even though it looks gorgeous. Probably the one single exclusive I cant get hyped about. Ill still watch the SoP though

Im gonna get a wheel for once with this release!

30 mins of GT7 gameplay? ILL TAKE IT! P.s. bring back resistance HYPE HYPE HYPE, GT7 IS GONNA BE STATE OF PLAYYYYYYYY

GT7 looks great, very excited to play it!

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