Gurman: Standard iPhone 14 to Miss Out on 48MP

April 25, 2022, 12:32 pm
Gurman: Standard iPhone 14 to Miss Out on 48MP
Gurman: Standard iPhone 14 to Miss Out on 48MP Camera and A16 Chip, Satellite Connectivity Features Could Launch This Year by

Yeahh seems more like the fall of apple Apples biggest enemy is apple themselves and only they can take themselves down

iPhone 6`s 8 mp camera is better than latest Android phones 108mp camera, shows how apples image processing is way superior and ahead of time , so I don`t think normal iPhone 14 Would be missing a lot.

I read the headline as "German iPhone 14 to miss out on..." And was so confused as to why.

Possibility well see an M-series in the iPhone?

Amazing .. i like design

Would take the compact camera setup over the idiotic large camera island

And heres what the most popular iPhone will be: iPhone 14 Max iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14

No latest chip No telephoto No 120Hz refresh rate screen No new design No 48MP sensor Not even matte glass back (subjective) Apple is officially making the regular iPhone the iPhone Noob

Sorry but dont like the notch/pill design

Omg satellite connection

The satellite features also could NOT launch this year, but if it does happen then Gurman will take credit, but if it doesnt happen then hell be like well I said it could happen not certain to happen

Why not use the Starlink network? and don`t you communicate?

tell us smth new

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