Happy #screenshotsaturday! #gamedev what are you working on? Share

June 6, 2021, 6:02 pm
Happy #screenshotsaturday! #gamedev what are you working on? Share
Happy screenshotsaturday! gamedev what are you working on? Share in the comments

Thank you! We put a lot of effort into making the animations blend and feel intuitive! You`ll have to wait and see on the mechanics ;). The timetravel is more narrative side, but we have some pretty interesting plans for our little reality made of paper and pencil :D

Thank you! :) I`m working on Battle of Kingdoms for a year now and it`s finally released for android! Thank you! I went for lowest complexity, just one button mashing, for my son. But it turns out that also works pretty well the other way around. Its a true gift for the gamer kids to get their parents involved in their interests. As they should :-)

Thank you, I`m glad to hear these words Thank you so much, youre too kind. Were not planning for multiplayer at the moment.

My coder went on pause by life problems overwhelming :( I need a coder for a mobile games.

Yeah! Sometimes I feel I make a game as an excuse to create a lot of model with MagicaVoxel ^^

Thanks, they also stick on wood

Thank you for saying that! I hope you enjoy the demo!

Robot Pirate Revenge Just another day making tweaks to get that SNES style gameplay and graphics just right swabbies! IOS / Android. Fun for all!! screenshotsaturday indiedev indiegame indiegamedev indiegames mobilegaming Hey! Thanks Thanks! Yeah I modeled, sculpted, and textured these myself.

Nothing crazy, just a helicopter style game. Getting my feet wet in unity after years of primarily C++ coding.

Working on a small platformer game, where you have fire elemental powers I`m just doing prototypes!

Working on a Dune 2 remake! I`m working on this Aw thanks so much. There is a demo you want to try it

thank you for enjoying it. I`m working on a harder PC version with more features!

Thanks! The artist is She`s pretty amazing.

Just experimenting with unreal engine 5 and if it is an option to convert my unity game to it! Wow, fist time I`ve seen the ps1 look in unreal!

Be default they have simple hit detection boxes so it doesn`t encourage you to run past enemies, but for this guy he needed a second one in the hand when he punches so that he can damage the player if the punch lands

Thank you for the lovely overview! We call them "worms", coz we already have centipedes that look more like centipedes than these here worms

Thanks for hosting

Working on this postapocalyptic beauty. Gameboy aesthetic with a hammer soundtrack, craftable weapons of (sometimes mass)destruction all in one bitesizes handy playtime package.^^ Hey :) Just made a portal mechanism for our 3D plateformer about grief. Thanks for Hosting! I`ve been working on first enemy! Thank you for your kind words

Broken Sword is in my top three favourite pnc`s so I am very flattered

Currently working on work-life-gamedev balance.

This is our updated Build system

Yes it is an excellent game! I think if I had time that`s one game I could play again (which is very rare for me)

Thanks!! Yeah for the actual demo the numbers will increase more gradually

Hi! Evasion makes you harder to hit. screenshotsaturday gamedev indiedev gamedevelopment unity3d madewithunity indiegame indie Thank you ! Yes I use only MagicaVoxel to create all the model for the game

Hi, my friends. Thanks, you are amazing. Happy screenshotsaturday and weekend to everybody! "The Vagabond Emperor" is a 2D RPG where you begin as a simple vagabond who decides to become an emperor in the fictional Middle Ages (Pitch - Fish Machine) When my first son was born I decided to make a game we could play together. He is now five years old and I have got some grey hair. I hope you can feel the magic Here is the landing page: We`ve got Net King`s Call! A Turn-Based Strategy/Real-Time Combat Hybrid! We got a free demo: Thank you! :) Every match has a score goal. If you manage to reach it, you win and move up a rank, making the next match a bit more difficult (higher goal, more enemies). If you lose two matches in a row you`ll lose a rank. So basically the game adjusts to your skill level.

Hey, thanks for hosting! Been working on a homebrew NES rom. Here it is running on an emulator on my phone. nesdev screenshotsaturday Thank you! Indeed, my intention is to minimize micro-management (the ruler shouldnt order the route for every swordsman), but to keep the higher level decisions (which territories to conquer, what are development priorities and with who to ally)

Hey Clment! Thanks for hosting! We`re a small aussie dev team working on TrashGame, a multiplayer open-world action-adventure game! indiegame indiedev gamedev lowpoly Indiedevhour IndieWorldOrder madeinunity

Thanks for hosting, I`ve just finished the new checkpoint system. We`re working on a puzzle platformer! It`s still very early but we`ve got a great team and it`s come a long way in short time Optimized the UI for different screen ratios and added a sick maze background Music Box/ Music System for my 3d Racing Game :D gamedev

We`re working on Fantasy Network! A modern Metroidvania with a twist coming 2021. Working on new features Hello my friend ! Thanks for hosting Wishlists helps a lot Hey there! Please, check out our free demo of the sci-fi game we are working on (and wishlist please) "what are you working on?" my very last nerve. OH and a visualnovel about Wait, no, I mean catgirls. hey there clment! heres my screenshotsaturday of a minigame from my musical game

Thanks for the opportunity! I`m working on a demo for my game `Path to Etinway`. Check out the progress here! Hey, I recently released my demo on Steam and itchio! Taking a bit of a break from game dev for a bit for sanity sake and trying to find my love of gaming again.

Have Wrist`s leg, we`ll cow level: Hey thanks. Working on combat for Eiris Fae Hey! Been fixing some hit detection for one of the bigger enemies in Project Beyonder, have a great weekend! Working on getting demo to work. Come join! And, Thanks for the thread

Salut ! ^^. Yes it is a Ice golem. I need to set some aspects in his AI but he is almost ready to do some headbutts. Thank you, that was the goal : to reminds some good platformers from the nineties !

Hey Clement!, thanks for the space! I`ve been working on a Victorian Mystery/Horror Point and Click game about a woman searching for her missing husband. Wishlist our game: indiegame VictorianMystery pointandclick Thanks for hosting! Happy weekend bud!! New vid, demo sooooon Hey! Im working on a new area

Feel free to share :) Ahah it`s not a moose but it`s true that with just a snapshot it looks like it! It`s inspired by the little dogs/monsters you have in Don`t Starve when it`s night time.

My wife loves this BTW.

Thanks! I`d love to know what you think!

Added a few lines of code to my turn-based strategy: Oh no, not mobile, any not exclusively for kids. But we are making a Simple English language option so younger kids and non-native speakers can still play it!

Just finished the 30th level in my game. The final game should have 50 levels in total. my end I`ve been experimenting with PS1 shaders on UE4. Goal was to mimic a FP horror game. This super cute little game! Thanks for the space! Highlighting my game`s ranked system this week:

Ue5 Framebuffer has serious problems. We can develop a new product when the full version is released :)

Hi Clm, working on a new monster today: and you?

Thank you Clement. This week, a New enemy is coming. Thanks for the space. Here is the last screenshot of KiNoKoe, an adventure exploration game taking place in Japan We`re totally honored for your interest! Maybe Franklin inspired us subconsciously

We`re making a dark-future heist RPG! Steam Smart, turn-based tactical combat. Creative stealth & hacking. Unique 23rd-century cyberpunk. Our studio`s award-winning depth & replayability. ScreenshotSaturday GameDev Cyberpunk Games Hello Clment! We`re here with our Espresso Tycoon - where you can build the whole coffee business That also means decorating your own coffee shop Working on a sci-fi metroidvania puzzle solving game. Explore a mysterious alien structure discovered on planet Mars. Use your drone many abilities to explore and overcome mind-bending challenges! Thank you for the post!

Hi! We are working on Story Based FPS Game! indiegame screenshotsaturday GamingNews Great timing Clment (as expected of course!) Just uploading some vid of our MiniRPG in action! Can`t wait to see some more of your ps1 explorations soon too! (big shout out to MUWEE!!!!) Hi Clment! Thanks for the support We`re at the first stage of development, and soon we`ll show some new art, but meanwhile I`ll drop here our poster and sypnosis!
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