Has anyone ever switched from iPhone to android? I`ve

October 28, 2021, 11:46 pm
Has anyone ever switched from iPhone to android? I`ve
Has anyone ever switched from iPhone to android? Ive been an iPhone user for 16 years and Im considering the move, but seems daunting imagining how to transfer the data (photos, contacts, files etc). IF you have switched, was it worth it?

So. You lived in the USA when the first iPhones were introduced?

I did. And I`ve never looked back! No more Apple ID issues, or compatibility problems, or issues with downloading files. I love the Android OS much more.

Disclaimer- Im a Mac person through and through but recently started using a windows machine for work and HATE it. Just solidified my clear preference for Mac.

Yes! Absolutely worth it! So much cheaper, and it will take you as long to get used to as your first Apple phone. (For me, it took about 3 weeks.) But the phone itself and all the parts you can buy are SO MUCH CHEAPER!

Yes, my husband and I did it. We couldn`t be happier. I absolutely love it compared to the iPhone. I also switched from an iPad to a tablet. Wow, I will never go back to an Apple product now! It was totally worth it for us. It was a big learning curve at first (at least for me).

Ummm, 16 years? Maybe make sure its not a typo or check your math.

Android for life. I tried to go to the dark (iphone) side and hated every second of it. I find everything Android much more user friendly, compatible with more products, better quality and longer lasting.

Its pretty easy actually.

If you are super not tech savvy it`s best to stay with Apple but I find android so much more versatile and much cheaper usually

I use iMac at work, Macbook Pro at home and android phone. No problems. I was frustrated with not being able to upgrade the memory in iPhones by using a micro sd card. I have chosen to sync photos through Google photos, I always found the apple photos app annoying anyhow.

I know a few people who have and they are happy. I tried but went back to iPhone. At the end of the day most the price differences are negligible and I find Apple easier to use for my needs.

I have both - iPhone for personal use and Samsung for work. I hate my work phone. It is clunky, difficult to use, and not at all intuitive/user friendly. 90% of my colleagues hate them too. I`m firmly in the do not do it camp, having used both - Apple is preferable for me.

we switched from iphone to android about five years ago and have no regrets. No problems at all, and it`s nice that all our data is common now (we use G-suite for everything). Fully a google home!

If you`re going to a Samsung, their app called "Smart Switch" let`s you easily import from iCloud The new Samsung seemlessly looks like the iPhone

I haven`t personally switched to Android ever, but I think the move can be worth the hassle if you have a clear reason *why* you`re switching. And the hassle really depends on how you store photos/contacts/files

I use both. Each have pros and cons. For some Apple is it and wont look at anything else. Some swear by Android. Same is true PC vs Mac. If you use software common to both (Adobe) you can switch. If you are used to proprietary the changes may seem insurmountable.

Yes, many years ago. Prefer android now.

I love my Android. I am a PC user, but have an iPad and I hate it, I only use it to watch YouTube and because it was free LOL

Kevin did it. Now hes back to iPhone.

Having the ability to control all my devices is also when it comes to integrating workflow and time management.

I would stick with both (as I do) not cause I do but more for simplicityeverything I shoot on my phone shows up on my mac, at this point smartphone cameras are all capable of producing great results. Yes you can always use dropbox or google drive.

Mac Mini will edit your photos no problem at all, you wont even see the pinwheel, even when you are ready to export 50+ images the fan still wont kick on. Both app stores have apps that seamlessly transfer your data from one to the other.

Also know how customizable AOS is. My daughter is the lone iPhone user in the house and always asks how can she do that to her phone, and I said because you can`t..

Android here since day 1. Highly recommend the Pixel. I`m looking to upgrade to Pixel 6 pro from the 3xl. Amazing phones with excellent OS.

Android talks equally as well to a Mac as a PC. The new Apple M1 chip is a game changer. Agreed, the Apple memory tax is annoying.

I switched from Apple to Android about 4 years ago, but I was already using Google Photos & Drive so it made switching easier, and just made sense. I have really enjoyed my Google Pixels!

Yes! Google pixel 6 is amazing and affordable and everything syncs nicely with Google software

I switched to a Pixel four years ago and I love my phone.

I hated the switch, and switched back to iPhone 6 months later.

Would highly recommend! I made the switch 2 years ago and really glad I did. Apple products don`t play will with others whereas Android has some many more options.

Yup - switched earlier this year. Very easy to do the transfer - one click. Got a Samsung for almost half what I would have paid for the equivalent iPhone and I love it. The camera is top notch. Very small learning curve - didnt take long.

Yup! Would recommend a Google pixel or Samsung. Wasn`t that difficult to switch. I uploaded my photos to google and then decided to keep doing that so my phone didn`t get bogged down. I don`t remember any issues switching contacts. I use Gmail calendars too so that was simple

Definitely worth it. I did it in the early part of this year, and wouldn`t go back.

I switched a few years ago and will never switch back to an iPhone. Transferring data was super easy, I just plugged it in and tapped "transfer from an iPhone."

Do it. Its worth it. Its not that difficult to transfer data. Thats what apple is hoping you would be afraid of.

Yup... and never looked back. Easy transfer too.

.. I so enjoy reading this thread. I am apple everything...except my phone...which is android and I love it! Next to contrary belief they do talk to one another. My calendars will sync etc. With modern tech the huge advantages iPhones had like FaceTime are overcome.

Took me a while to adjust but I would never go back to apple

I went the opposite and will never change. Android phones feel like a JV team

Why are you thinking of switching?

We are literally split into two tribes! When do the corporations figure out how to make us fight?

Yes!!!! Do it! You`ll never go back :)

I switched to Android for my current phone. And it`s not my favorite. I dont get updates anymore. It lacked some conveniences the iPhone had. Battery has been pretty good. Charging is relatively quick. Just liked the apple a bit better. Will get iPhone next time I upgrade.

Before you do, I recommend testing and playing around with an android phone. The switch is not easy! I`ve had both and been an android user for 6 yrs. I prefer it over the iPhone but it`s not everyones cup of tea.

I did it and I love it. My pixel came with a connector cable that made transferring everything over easy. Never looked back.

I have about 12 different calendars and emails and platforms. I suspect youre as busy. If you have as much going on your phone as me android wont work for you. If you are a normal person Android will work lol

Dont! I did the same. And I was back within a year.

worth. Longer battery life and 1000000 more apps that are great. Down loader an app that converts all iPhone to Android. Price of cake.

I did it (although I went back within a couple years) and its not really that bad. Depending on what kind of Android you get, theres often tutorials on how to make the transition smoothly, but even without them its pretty straightforward.

Kidding. Im kidding. Sort of.

Our friendship is over if you do this.

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