Has No Games Xbox got not games, neither does

June 5, 2022, 4:27 am
Has No Games Xbox got not games, neither does
Has No Games

Xbox got not games, neither does PlayStation. Need I remind you. Youre a 40 year old man Their games are like GTA, they release one every 8 yrs...

Salty has no brains Hideo Kojima isnt even with Xbox. L vid

Now that all playstation games are coming to pc, "why bother even owning a ps5"

Where is your god of war now?

You know its true because you been caught out in how many lies The cope is real

People like are what gives gamers a bad name, theres no reason for everyone living only to hate whats the point? Does it satisfy you spending all your time being so negative, each system has their own ganes and each system is good in their own right. Honestly need more positivity

imagine following a fanboy, lost my respect

Smooth brain level joke

You are a grown man.

PlayStation has no games There you go being toxic

Then why you such a hater

Lives in your head rent free

Tell me how Xbox lives rent free in your head without telling me.

Console tends to get hotter then their batch of games.

You have no women or no life and it shows daily.

Mfs care so much about a console they dont play on

Just like PlayStation and why is that?? Because the short answer is PLAYSTATION HAS NO GAMES bummer!!!

Thought the console wars ended a decade ago

I`ve read your mind, it is very salty and simple. Has no exclusives You just lost PlayStation another publisher for acting like a 5 year old. Next year you`ll see PS5 just has DLC, first Spider-Man DLC (miles) then God of War DLC (ragnarok)

Only Ps5 full video games They say every time a PS fanboy says that, Xbox puts $100 000 in their next publisher acquisition jar Thanks for contributing

Sounds like a disease or something

Xboz has no games yet you sent more tweets about xbox than Playstation

Yo, you gotta chill before the REAL toxic fans DDOS.

Why is Kojima in that video?

PlayStation doesn`t either they on PC now. No need for a weaker PlayStation much better graphics on PC

"Stop me if I`ve heard this one before" Be original

Chris Rock pops out. "Slap me silly this Xbox is excellent!"

Man I cant wait to play Spider-Man on my pc in august

Talk about rubbing SALT in the wounds!

Starfield Gamepass and CGI teasers from games that are never coming lol Calling it already

14 second clip and they only mention games once Can practically guarantee a hardware announcement either the Dongle, a Digital Series X or some BS like a new pro controller which they`ll spend 20 mins on to kill time

Probably 2024, 2025, and most likely delayed

7 new colour controllers

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