Here`s a thread for the #AmazonPrimeDay

July 26, 2021, 4:14 pm
Here`s a thread for the #AmazonPrimeDay
Here`s a thread for the AmazonPrimeDay . RT for your friends and folks on your timeline. Links below mostly are affiliate links. Will mention a review video or mini review on the individual products as well.

My fellow PC enthusiasts, unfortunately the market is tough. But this beast should serve you well given all that it has to offer! Please don`t comment on the price. If you know what this is capable of, you wouldn`t mind at all!

This is T-Mobile Korean variant also has exynos, so, it most probably the chinese unit

Whether it`s Indian or Global Unit?

Lol. That`s great.

Does samsung offer international warranty?

Silver :) What is the offer?

Imported like the pixel...

S21 Ultra with Snapdragon 888 in White as well??? is going for an insane price for what it offers! Join now: you have a budget of 80-85k, definitely get this! It`s last year`s model and is the base spec. You might find same specs on cheaper laptops, but this has top notch thermals, display and build quality. Definitely worth the premium! sure if the price went down before but the Oppo Enco X is 9k (Was launched at 10k). Don`t forget to use card offers! Hmm I might be spoiled but id hate charging it every other day as well. Do fitness bands die early? Started using one not so long ago tbh.

You think it`s a good buy though? Most fitness bands or cheap "smart"watches provide 90% functionality at less than half of the price. For me the battery life, sad state of processor and dead software platform is a huge no. Id rather go for the mi band until I can buy a new one

For TWS, one of the most complete package with good of everything, especially features and great sound actually! Great sounds, good ANC, decent transperancy, easy pairing on Android, good mics, awesome features in the app, good touch gestures.

This thread : AmazonDeals

Imo no android smartwatch rn is a good deal. I`d wait to see the results of samsung and Google.

This is something Ive been eyeing on for a long time.

Looking for a 2 in 1 laptop with pen included for a great price? Use card offers to bring it close to 62k. The ryzen 4500 U is still one of the best in terms of performance, thermals and battery life.

Desktop PC users, here is a great set of studio monitors for the price! Not a popular brand but great sound quality for the price of 6k.

Another great gaming headphone under 2.5k and has a boom mic: headphones and crazy value under 2k for headphones: home combos with Echo devices and smart bulbs: PrimeDay primeday2021 AmazonPrimeDay

Wow, that`s a great deal on Firestick on PrimeDay primeday2021 AmazonPrimeDay Let me know if there`s any deals on external storage pls

Ryzen 5000 series thin and lights are launching slowly. Seens like a good package but screen brightness good for only indoor conditions and battery size could be a bit bigger Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be a better deal, no? Sells for Rs. 16,499 real Smartwatch and crazy value with LTE. The Galaxy watch 46mm: Would recommend this anyday over the active series because of the rotating bezel and great battery life!

Another RTX 3000 series laptop with one of the best combination of form and function as per me: RTX 3000 series laptops are coming out with good prices on AmazonPrimeDay PrimeDay Galaxy Buds+ are another 1k less. Buy here: Review here: AmazonPrimeDay

24k for these XM4s! Buy here: Here is my review: AmazonPrimeDay

Another pair of headphones I will vouch for and the prices are just too good for the WH-1000XM3s But here: Cons: no multi device support Comparison with XM4s: AmazonPrimeDay

A product I can vouch for folks wanting the best sound quality at this price: Cons: Size of case and buds No LDAC No wireless charging Rest all are pros in my opinion. AmazonPrimeDay

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