Hey iOS dev

October 11, 2022, 1:42 pm
Hey iOS dev
Hey iOS dev MacBook or iMac for iOS development? iosdev

macbooooook!! ofc iosdev

Both. Currently last days of Intel iMac for screen estate, MBP M1 Max for mobility. iMac has served well, just getting old. Future desktop will be Apple Studio Display + either Apple Studio or Mac Pro computer (depending on what Mac Pro with Apple Silicon will be like).

MacBook has that portability factor, and couch/bed typing factor.

I am moving constantly so its MacBook.

MacMini. Cheaper, very powerful. Can use any display and keyboards. Can even transport it to other places!

MacBook. I love the idea of only having one computer that I can take with me or dock with a big screen at home. I always have all the files and apps I need!

Mac anywhere iMac At home Office / travelling

Whatever you can afford until your making it

Im always working from my couch or my bed. So MacBook.

I wish that was even a choice.

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MacBook because you can continue develop also outside the house

depends if you go to clients/work from an office (even occasionally) I have an MBP with a pair of monitors, so when home I have a nice dualscreen setup, but when out, can take the thing with me

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