hey @strongmaurice and @lo_tekbeats i got a new iPhone

January 15, 2021, 12:36 am
hey @strongmaurice and @lo_tekbeats i got a new iPhone
hey and i got a new iPhone and koala to make beats at work. where do i start

iPhone? just do screen record like this - pull down from top and tap the screen record button Yeh its a great little app, since getting my ipad pro I produce exclusively on my ipad now so if you need any advice on ios apps to download im your guy, just tell me what you need the app to do musically and I`ll point you in the right direction. Also, do amazing

I think "airshare" would be the best move, it`s basically apples Bluetooth share I think but it`s rapid.

If you wanna know about koala hit me up hit me up with an early access koala fx test, the koala app is super naughty!

It`s about to get crazy Nvm got it

Its a feature on your phone and computer. It comes free with apple products.

I`m still figuring out what this ipad can do haha

@lo_tekbeats first time mac and iPhone user

Airdrop for sure


I heard airdrop is legit I don`t have a mac unfortunately tho so I haven`t tried it personally

Please do

Nope u dont

Im not sure but Id would figure if your computer is an apple as well it should show up in the App Store

Thank you my g. Yeah I have 2 on my page so far but like said we planing on having thread soon for all the Koalas to reference. If you have any questions about anything feel free to reach out bro.

Ohhh man, you bout to have hella fun!

Yup. AudioShare is Very powerful tool itself. You can actually run duel screen with koala and a synth app if you have an iPad. Im not sure about the phone.

Awesome you will be cooking up with it in no time! Im by no means a koala guru like the prince but hit me with any questions if I can help. One thing I do is save a bunch of projects as drum templates so I dont have to load the drum sounds in every time. A pad group is drums Nice! This one by is nice as well, covers a lot of the basics. Me and are planning on doing a Koala thread in the near future, inspired by your producer tip challenge thread.

Nice! has some great videos on youtube Get AudioShare so you can start importing sounds.

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