Hey @The_CrapGamer maybe the soft side of the pony

July 10, 2021, 8:33 am
Hey @The_CrapGamer maybe the soft side of the pony
Hey maybe the soft side of the pony community let you in but not the real side. How`s about you show your trophies you fraud?

I said it before, the grasslands ponies and then you have the mountains ponies We are part of the mountain herds, stronger lungs, bigger brains and our mane is shinier I`m from around Liverpool mate I don`t trust anyone apart from myself

One an Xbot always an Xbot I suppose those gaming habits are hard to drop. Sitting at the dashboard in a party crying about PlayStation doesn`t bump any score up.

He`s calling himself an Xbot again lol

Look at his name did he revert back

He knows full well he used to be a prick. He does play games though at least. Could be worse could be Madz Gaming. Not on my list

Like what? What did he say he has beat that you don`t believe.

I`m not defending anyone it`s you that`s attacking people bro. Should he have stayed on Xbox then when he figured out what was happening? I got no problem with guys jumping ship as long as it`s for the right reasons and his reasons were dead right.

Over 150k is decent when it`s around 1000gs per completion. He`s been on PlayStation a while this was his first post from a PS4 forget all the consoles that came before. He has a decent gamerscore do you think he`s quit gaming going to PlayStation? I`ll tell you how many trophies he`s got just by guessing, around 5-600 with no platinums maybe Astro.

Proves he`s buying and playing them though. Even I don`t beat every game I play some I can`t be arsed they don`t click and get deleted, no second chances here.

For someone who don`t like him, you tweet a lot about him, you still didn`t answer the question, what you are trying to accomplish with that.

What does this mean?

unrelated, but the worst thing about console players is they believe PC is all cheaters. I have literally ONLY TWICE in my 10 years of PC gaming ever ran into a cheater that was intentionally ruining my fun in a game. The other ones are simply money hackers in GTAO.

Proves what games he`s been playing on PS5. Proves he has a PS5 to begin with.

Like how jaytech plays cod. You should set the game to (harmless) mode in order for them to finish it .

Have you seen his halo gameplay?

On twitter

Type his name into the search bar and PS5Share and make sure it came from PlayStation network.

Cmon where are the trophies? Or is the only trophy you have a participation award?

Why are you so mad about him? You don`t like him, then just ignore him, i don`t understand what your goal is here, what are you trying to accomplish, or proof?

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