Hey Twitter, I have a question! What do you

April 8, 2022, 11:30 am
Hey Twitter, I have a question! What do you
Hey Twitter, I have a question! What do you consider to be some of the most valuable and rare-ish items in Minecraft?

Deepslate coal ore, literally the rarest block in the game

notch apple, this is the most valuable item. I think everyone can agree.

THE enchanted notch apple

The thing banner pattern It is made with an enchanted golden apple

Dragon eggs because you can inly make 1 lamp.

Check raysworks

Check raysworks

def nautilus shells and prismarine

The blue axolotl, I`ve gotten a lot of axolotl pets and not a single blue/purple one

Hum a netherite full enchant pickaxe. Just because of the hard work behind it.

Fricken diamonds and enrgerite I have been playing for ver 3 weeks and only have 3 diamonds

Im thinking notch apple or ancient debris and maybe a creeper head?

Lily Pads. Getting a bunch of them is relatively painful.

Skeleton remains/fossils found in deserts and swamps

Hmm.. emeralds or bedrock(idk for bedrock actually)

totems, beacons, ancient debris, n froggy light,, just cause theyre pretty :]

The latest music disc is rare

Structure void

Nether Armour

Items with memories attached to them. Therefore 12 bamboo

diamond, emeralds and gold

A fully assembled conduit.

Notch Apples. I can cave for weeks, search many, many, many dungeons and not find one.

Enchanted golden Apple, elytra, dragon egg

my friends heads to prove how many times I murdered them

Most valuable? The empty blocks. That let you walk around and do everything. Rarest? Players.

Please don`t put cats at the mixer...

Idk if it`s possible but try to get deepslate emerald or coal or copper

Petrified wooden slabs

Slime balls as I have never found a slime chunk in my world and have only been able to get them on the off chance I see one at a swamp or from pandas

oh in that case creeper banners are definitely the most rare item I know it takes so long to get trident with my luck and it almost never rains in my world so obtaining creeper heads to make creeper banners is very hard especially when charge creepers keep blowing up too soon,


Tall grass, only obtaneble from savana chests

You can farm almost anything valuable, limiting the rarity. Ancient debris is probably the most limited among valuable unfarmable resources, but you only need so much. Enchanted apples, then, maybe? Only in chests, rare, and theoretically always in demand.

I mean , I would say my creeper and skeleton skulls are great and also tge banners made using the rare ides, but you guys in hermitcraft have the data pack were every mob drops a head so it not really rare at that point .. so I got nothing

A full diamond skeleton jockey.

Mob heads when you dont have the data pack , heart of the sea, specific music discs, chain mail, dark blue axo, notch apple, dragon egg, maybe dragon heads but probably not bc theyre only as rare as elytra which arent really? Planner batterns and brown mooshroom.

If you don`t know much about game mechanics for farms, I`d say gunpowder.

Nautilus shells/heart of the sea/conduits, ancient debris/netherite, mending, sponges,cats/ocelots

deepslate emerald ore

Wholesomeness for the souuull

Normal diamond ore and deepslate coal ore

well techically you could argue nothing`s that valuable because duping is a thin, which drastically puts down the worth of anything but without that addition; tattered books. you can`t make copies of them. they only exist as a one-of-a-kind thing.

It`s an interesting question. Intrinsic value? Netherite etc. But to me resources like diorite, terracotta and wood are the most valuable since I`m usually in need of large quantities of those. Oh, and horses are valuable to me too! Love them

dragon egg, spawners, mending book, god apple, shield. (combo of valuable and rare stuff)

In 1.18 Gapples Two tall grass as item form (can only be found on village chests) Otherside disk Pigstep If wanting heads then with the hermitcraft data pack The different panda heads If you want the rearest mobs Charged creeper Zombie kid in full enchanted diamond armor.

Tnt on multiplayer, you can find it, but will it stay ?

Hart of the sea, trident, dragon egg,

Valuable: Iron, Emeralds, Villagers, Gunpowder, Beacons, Gold Rare: Notch apples, Tridents, Elytras, Music records, Netherite

Deepslate Emerald Ore

Orherside is up there, so is the enchanted golden apple and its banner pattern, the snout banner pattern, dragon egg, netherite

Bells are a non-craftable item and you can only find 0-2 in a village. I always pick them up.

Since 1.18 finding coal got a lot harder. I never felt the need of using another fuel, but it might be worth thinking about now.

Pigstep and Otherwise are the items I`d consider to be the most valuable

Zero durability armor and tools, tall grass, tall Fern, brown panda, blue axolotl, fossils,...

Hermitcraft. Hermitcraft is the most valuable thing in Minecraft.

A good joke. Or turtle helmet maybe? Usually, it is the item you need right as you almost finish the build and you run out.

For me it`s a lodestone, since I never owned one :D other than that, I guess the new discs?

Hearts of the seas are super valuable and quite rare but so are nautilus shells so I`m going to say conduits

It depends on what kind of game mode and server, but I would probably say some of the banner patterns for builds. The snout patterns can only be found in bastions, while the mojang patterns can only be made with a notch apple!

Coal but only when you`re looking for it

capes and OG/illegal names

I am so unlucky when searching bastions, haven`t been able to find a pigstep yet.. but all my friends has one

SP minecraft: diamonds for me, i rather look for villagers to trade for diamond gear instead mining for them.

Netherite and Shulkers

Bee nests, obviously, are the most opulent block of all. etho

hold a wither captive you wont

random named items from friends. I once went full evil because a group server i was on was changing worlds/seasons and they wouldn`t let me transfer my blob of lime dye named "grape" I had carried over for 5 worlds/seasons.

Maybe Enchanted Golden Apples

Enchanted golden apples, and netherite blocks.

A good, friendly community that you can be a part of at any time and have a good time in without being criticised. Also the Dragon Egg

Whatever I am trying to find at any given moment.

Got to be Sponges and elytra for me, fairly hard to get and only one place to get them.

Most valuable item must be iron. It has the most uses in crafting. Rate I would say notch apples. Echo shards. Swift sneak III. Now that deep dark has been introduced.

Fishing rod I`m not even joking, an enchanted one is op af

Villagers, dont really know if those count though

Other rare items could be music discs and golden apples. But two other rare blocks are the deep slate variants of coal and emerald blocks.

Honestly, certain mobs with certain colors. Personally I have trouble finding jellie cat, white horses, and then of course the blue axolotl

Deepslate emerald ore, and cats that look like mine

The glitched snow block. Ive only seen this in YouTube videos. But if youre asking about obtainable items Id say ancient debris. dragon egg, chainmail, vanilla heads (creeper,skeleton,zombie)

Non-deepslate Diamond Ore

Probably the notch apple

Pigstep, I have yet to find it, but I have found Otherside which is a good disc. Most things I have enough persistence/stubbornness to find like Elytra or diamonds that not sure if rare to me XD

Deepslate coal ore thats super rare to find

Rarest is probably netherite ingot, most value out of an item is probably the chest, because imagine just having 27 stacks and then you would need to go get more resources farms can`t have collection systems

Most rare-ish item probably poisonous potato and/or music discs. But for both valuable and rare-ish, I`d say netherrite

Dragon egg because there is only one in the game

Elytras tbh especially if a world isnt infinite Other obvious ones are netherite, diamonds, sponges???

A full netherite beacon, enough said.

idk if valuable but hearts of the sea are really rare bc you can only get them in treasure chests and are also limited

Default Zombie and Skelton heads cause you need a charged creeper to explode next to them so Gaby they drop them. No I dont mean the plug-in ones, thats lame

Calcite. You can never have enough of it for big builds. (But also moss in big quantities available and just end crystals to blow up your friends)

Most valuable iron since majority of the crafts are made of iron. Rarest item Creeper head. You need to be SUPER dedicated, SUPER patient, and SUPER lucky to create a charged creeper, find another creeper, lead it towards the charged creeper, go close enough to them to explode.

Nautilus shells but maybe because i always try to collect them by fishing

A blue orchid. For some reason, I always need one in my house.

Brown banner with green globe and thing patterns

notch/golden apples

Well, not steak because those are medium rare I would say Netherite. I never seem to find it when i`m looking for it

Village Bells. Strange obsession of mine, but to put it simply, every bell is mine. The villagers holding onto them just dont know it yet.

What`s Minecraft?

I would say Nautilus shell. I also think Endermites, and Ghastly Tears.

Dirt very underrated always needed when you don`t have any

Aside from a Notch apple... probably sponges. Not "farmable" like other resources, and incredibly useful. Depending on the seed, could be a very rare commodity. Also spore blossoms, as they`re very valuable as a build item and can`t be crafted or farmed.

Lily pads for sure

Heart of the sea

Quality people who happen to post excellent YouTube videos of themselves playing minecraft

Sponge I need the sponges

A friend... Sike ... Maybe a zombie horse

Most valuable:Netherwarts Most Rare: Naturally spawned baby Brown panda.

Elytras maybe? Totems of undying without farms... Mob heads in full vanilla (needing charged creepers to explode killing another mob for it to drop one)

Carrots. Let me explain. Carrots can be used for trading and not only that, if you have a fully grown carrot, and a fortune 3 hoe, you will get at least 4 carrots from just one. You may be thinking that potatoes do the same thing but they dont sense they have a chance to give-

hmm i like deepslate emeralds, it took me SO LONG to even find one

Enchanted golden apple, naturally spawned pink sheep and brown cow.

A good mule/horse. Coordinates to important places such as a double skeleton spawner

Rare-ish? I`d say Honey Bottles.

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