**hides iPhone** I don`t know what you mean…

July 13, 2022, 5:31 pm
**hides iPhone** I don`t know what you mean…
**hides iPhone** I dont know what you mean

Yep but we still love you!

I have a red iPhone because my ex decided to sell my Samsung Note 8 or whatever, and was going to give me an iPhone so I told him the only way Id go for it is if it was a red iPhone.

Being evil isn`t all bad, really. I mean, sure, the tail gets in the way, but the horns help to keep my winter hats from slipping off my head. And the weekly Hell`s Bells newsletter has some awesome recipes in it.

I put a wooden case on it

I`m a red iPhone user, but I wasn`t evil `til I accepted Apple`s Terms of Service without reading the entire document.

I`m an android phone guy

The rEd iPhone donates money to the AIDS Foundation.

:( I had a red one cuz it was cheaper color I found. Im not evil

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