Hm, where have we seen this before? https://t

October 4, 2022, 7:20 pm
Hm, where have we seen this before? https://t
Hm, where have we seen this before?

wait... android is based on linux... Stadia uses linux... what if they are taking the current Stadia stack and just using it to deliver android apps instead of ported games?

Can we still use the stadia controller?

You Know a picture says 1000 words .

Not only carefully chosen words...but very carefully chosen images...Weird how they chose a phone/tablet, computer and tv...I wonder what other google product had that kind of ease of use between devices

I said this when this was first announced that they should`ve merged the latter into Google Play Games, as it would`ve kept all game purchases in your google play library

Thats for playing Mobile Games on PC not Cloud Streaming lol .

Well the point of a merge is to not lose one of the operand.

"Experience bigger, bolder versions of your favorites on Google`s gaming platform for PC." If these games will be streamed I will be a little bit upset..

Is there any sign that this has anything to do with cloud gaming? This is an existing feature on Android; the beta being announced is the launch on PC.

Those PC nerds ARE awfully sneaky right???!! So did they literally just strip every one of their pro games collection then turn around and continue stadia under a different name?

Google Play Storia... coming January 19th, 2023...

No, they aren`t. Our games will be just refunded, and we won`t have access to those on Google Play Games, nor achievements, pro library, friends. Also, in your screenshot they talk about cloud syncing, not cloud Gaming

That damn Donny Jepp

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