Honestly the best feature of iOS https://t

July 2, 2021, 2:30 pm
Honestly the best feature of iOS https://t
Honestly the best feature of iOS

The first time I discovered that I had never felt more glamorous and sophisticated in my whole life.

No, the best feature is being able to minimize the video youre watching and still scroll through your phone

I like these post cause i and up learning more about my android lol


people be sleep on that feature so much

sick this feature isnt it? Only just heard about it after seeing this original tweet

No way that is my clock in number for work

Seriously though

Android has that

One of them for sure.

Not just iOS but iPad OS and MACOS

Idk if this a joke or not, but for people who doesn`t yse android, android does it too, and sometimes it automatically input those code on the app you are using when you recieve it.

Yea thats a great feature for every phone is so convenient

Hits different every timeeee

Androids have it

This is the 4929394921001003339304th time I`ve seen this post

got to say it really is but it has made me so lazy I always expect it to pop up and when it doesnt I get annoyed ahah


yall tweet this every month. we get it. The fact that ios users show this off weekly when it`s available on android too

incorrect. swiping up/ignoring calls. game changer

iPhone users and hyping random ish

Android u copy it from the message notification and paste in yo app. Heck, it can even write itself. Every "new" thing ios has is from Android

Only the 30942457839248745th time ive seen this tweet

Its the Password feature for me

android just put the code right on the code bar

but you have to type it yourself? :( True

Yes omg this tweet comes up every week we get it. stop it


What is your pin?

iphone users funny asf, yall think it`s only yalls phones that do that

The ONLY good feature, though

Its really this Yall tell us every 2 weeks

Can you not just click the number in the message

Well upgrade this meme now, Android also gives that.

Love it . Very convenient

What does this mean

How much money do u make from all these ads

Android users has been enjoying this for years. You are welcome

why is nobody talking about how depression and anxiety gives you severe memory loss

and when your scrolling through stuff and you tap the top left and it brings you back to the top

AGAIN?????????! On Android I can just copy and paste and it`s done

No other phone does that !!!

At least the 4th time this month Ive seen this post, and its only the 2nd.


Add up her snap guys (bitchmoodx) ads here come the android mfs

How many times am i finna see this tweet

Lol my Samsung has this too. Relax

If I see this tweet one more time

I be disappointed in myself when I go to type the numbers, but I already forgot the first 3 digits. So yes this feature is a savior

Android does it too. I just did it

uhh its been done.

Me trying to remember the numbers any other way: every single month......

Dont forget about our rose suctional vibrator too!! ads Check out THE BEST suction vibrator from Theyre the HOTTEST vibrators our right now! ads made me who i am today One of my favorite features is just being able to share the wifi password like this Now androids have this too.

Android has been doing this for a while now

Tired of seeing this damn tweet gotdammit You seem like the kinda person he hits forgot password a lot

Not only ios does this lol

Yep! Cause I be forgetting them damn four numbers that fast

No fr they did what needed to be done

Seriously the best tweet I have ever seen wow cant believe you thought of it

I have an iPhone but I do not understand what this is? Can some tell me, please?

stop it stop it iM TIRED OF THIS

Oh God Free Likes

Lol android also have that feature

when will yall stop tweeting this

You get it on the Samsung 21+plus Pro also

Nah this definitely Naw for real I dont even try to memorize them shits no more lol

So many people have got nothing better 2 do? REaLLY!

Samsung does it too

Android had that feature already

The fact I see this tweet 3 times month . Honestly the best feature of iOS When iPhone getting this? This not even iOS exclusive

dont yall get tired of tweeting this or the movie theater photo every week?

The question is how does it know ? Spooky af.

Fax I hated having to remember the damn numbers like probably the most recycled tweet ever

Yours doesn`t autofill the second you get the text

Go check this satisfying mask! Last day of their big sale! ad

This tweet comes back every month and hits wtf

fr, cus all I gotta do is tap on that and the code automagically goes on there.

Why does this go viral EVERY SINGLE TIME

yea yea we get it

Are you looking for someone to help with your SUMMER CLASS, TERM PAPERS, ESSAYS or do your Online Class? Dm: Text or WhatsApp +1 (213) 529-3321 how many times we tweeting this ?

I have never seen this tweet before just saying

samsung has it too lol

Wait till you see what iOS 15 can do

There`s always a "best feature on iOS" but what good have you made off any of them?

what is that-

To keep it a buck, this the best feature Android does this too...??

It goes away tho a lot when you hit the first number

Yes lawd

Whats this the passcode to Im trynna see something?

oh brother not this again

Hmmm no, its no disturb.


It is ... but a the same time .. why is my phone reading messages

I remember when Android started doing that during the Obama administration

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