Honestly, this platform …

October 24, 2021, 9:16 pm
Honestly, this platform …
Honestly, this platform

Im gonna say Xbox killed dreamcast but im gonna talk about people buying playstation to prove my point

How dare u use facts on twitter

I feel your pain with this argument on twitter though... its frightening how hard it is to have a calm conversation about the games industry without people trying to rewrite history to there own narrative... The games industry has such a rich & interesting history

Unfortunately it was the PS2 that ended the dreamcast in my opinion anyway A lot of people waited for the ps2 rather than picking up the dreamcast Massive shame really as the dreamcast was amazing but Sega made a few bad decisions in there later years as a console manufacturer

Loved my master system then mega drive shame as console maker they fell they probably dont get enough credit for the part they played

The one console maker that had no blame in SEGA leaving the console market was Microsoft. Nintendo made life difficult with their policies with the Mega Drive, Sony made it even harder with their aggressive pricing and buying exclusives, and SEGA for the mess with Saturn launch.

Microsoft honed their console development whilst working on the Dreamcast. They took a lot of what they learnt to make the Xbox. Xbox was definitely in development during dreamcast life span but obviously wasnt released during.

I saw that thread go down yesterday. Twitter is full of folk like that who cant comprehend that they maybe wrong about things.

This is tragic. He was probably born in 2001 anyway.

People are so weird.

Wth is this dude talking about? You`re right and every gamer knows exactly what you`re talking about. Dude needs to brush up on his gaming history.

Everyone knows that the Dreamcast died from distrust for Sega as brand, bootlegging of Dreamcast software, PS2 hype, and Final Fantasy 8 launching the same week as the machine. MS had their tech inside the Dreamcast. Why even speak on it if they don`t know this? Wow.....

That`s 100% a person that was either way too young to have any memory of the time or wasn`t even born yet when the Dreamcast launched.

MS and Sega even worked together in the development of the original Xbox, after the Dreamcast was officially discontinued. Sega also wanted to use SegaNet as the online services for the Xbox, but MS didn`t. But even so, Sega supported the Xbox with many exclusive titles.

Remember when it was Playstation that "finished Sega off"? Now it`s Xbox... lol. Waiting for some loon to say it was Nintendo.

Sounds like he`s mad Microsoft enter the gaming world . Smh, these people here man


Hell didn`t Sega want BC with Dreamcast games on the OG Xbox?

You are correct my first retail job was in 2002 at circuit city and they let me buy the display DC (as it was discontinued) out the warehouse that had been sitting around years for near nothing. I remember because av manager was making fun of me for buying a dcd console.

Best to maintain social distancing from such people, as mental RETRDTION looks to be more deadly than certain things in life

She Mute was honestly a great game, a tragic story of a girl that became traumatised after seeing Xbox winning to Dreamcast

There was so much wrong in that other chap`s statement I don`t even know where to start... "I worked in gaming retail" That`s all and well but they clearly weren`t paying any attention to what was going on with the hardware they were selling, what day it was, what time of the year it was etc.

"Nope you are 100% wrong" That`s just hilarious I`m sorry. But yeah, Xbox is like the spiritual successor of Dreamcast. I would have preferred the Dreamcast last the whole generation but I am grateful for what we have. Happy the Dreamcast still gets new games too!

Love it! Weed them out! These are the people who get the most attention. Probably the 1 downside to gaming being cool and popular, is that it seems like there are more posers than actual gamers and gaming is so easy for anyone to claim theyve been gaming since day 1.

Xbox bad! Xbox ruined gaming!
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