Horizon Forbidden West`s Cactuses look much better than Forza

August 17, 2021, 10:29 pm
Horizon Forbidden West`s Cactuses look much better than Forza
Horizon Forbidden West`s Cactuses look much better than Forza Horizon 5`s cactuses. Game Pass quality is worse than $70 quality.

I think Forza is a driving game, and Horizon west I think it`s open world exploration, I don`t think that at 80 MPH you will stop to see a cactus ... I am not XBOX`R but the comparison is not fair, my opinion

Or best. I dont know.....

Lol. Trolling at its worst.

Gotta bring it out again. Xbots in replies Is this account run by a twelve year old?

Keep on reaching. This dude really reviewing a game based of a damn cactus

Stop smoking crack One is a racing game where you`re hardly going to notice the cacti and two if you`re going to use screen shots atleast use high res ones. Why are ponies clowns?

i feel like you cant compare sony games to xbox anymore xbox is for that quick fun go home play with the boys type of games sony is for the immersive adventures at this point in the wars comparing the two isn`t worth it unless microsoft start bringing some heavy story hitters

Why wasting processing power on something that you probably won`t even notice that is on the side of the road at 300 km/h ?

I`m a die hard Sony fan I`m OK with comparing character models but comparing cactus from an open world game you walk in compared to a game you drive 100+ mph in is ridiculous I`m much more impressed with FH5 vista`s as a whole same with the little details we find in HZD FW

First of all you are a idiotic person to think that forbidden West is going to look like that when you`re getting it from a screenshot from not full gameplay. Let`s see if it really looks like that when it`s in game

LMAO I know most of you ponies are from third world countries like Pakistan or Venezuela, or from the hood because it`s filled with people like jaydub or jaytech, meaning your internet connection is kinda shitty and you can`t use the higher res screen shots, but at least try. 1- Not the same cactae. 2- The region Forza Horizon 5 is ambiented doesn`t have as much of the species portrayed on the right.

The one on the left looks like little thin people flailing their arms and legs good job there in a racing game not a greenhouse simulator

Someone who is playing this on a 720p or 1080p tv with 30 FPS settings wont notice this. As long as the game is not Lara Croft tombraider ps1 quality then the graphics dont really matter when youre having fun. These contrast tweets by console fanboy accounts are pointless.

The real question though, will ever lose his virginity? The answer: No..no he will not...

Everyone he has a point, I can`t possibly enjoy the game now

Yes, screengrabs from two different videos of plantlife at two different resolutions and sizes on screen are the perfect way to represent fidelity in games today. EVERYTHING in that Forza shot is blurry!!! This comparison is BS.

If you were a fisherman, you`d be way past your limit today. This is what you are focused on

I`m not sure. I think they both look appropriate for the lighting environment they`re in. The HFW one is in a much more impressive looking lighting environment, but I don`t think there`s anything wrong with the other one.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next installment of the highly anticipated Gaming Twitter Wars. Going from the adventurous backstory of non-interactive vegetations to the thrilling experience of fruit physics, we welcome you once again to the Cactus Boss Fight! CactusGate

One is literally photo realistic and has teal time lighting for the ray tracing. Taking a screen shot in a shaded prob dusk(time of day) and comparing it to a 100%computer generated sky and cactus. They literally scanned Mexico and it`s sky`s in real time. Swing and a miss

in a game about cars i would wonder why maybe the cactus is low quality

sure thing bud Look at your timeline, Twitter plastic box wars are your entire life

Obviously you arent going to quit, its your entire life. One glance at your timeline will tell anyone that. Your personal life must be miserable to be devoting so much time to fighting plastic box wars online. Maybe go outside or read a book, you will be much happier

And you dedicate your entire life to fighting the console wars on Twitter this obviously isnt a joke to you, its your entire life. Go outside and do something.

Why do ps fanboys always do this ? Compare two pictures with completely different resolutions

Yes true, Forza completely ripped off the `Horizon` name even if it came out first w()w i think Microsoft should be smarter to make xbox series S similar to PS5 digital console cost 399.99 on same specs to disc edition of console

It is a scam, but thankfully I dont think too many people are falling for it. Look its already available at almost every store, and clearly its the biggest flop in console history

Graphic don`t make a good game sorry for you !

who fucking cares about cactuses im a horizon fanboy and i genuinely do not care even a little bit about cactus quality. also isnt FH a driving game wont you be zooming past the cactuses in less than a frame same with FW how long do YOU spend staring at cacti

Xbox series S is massive scammer for people to buy

I disagree and thats not misinformation it literally with preset cutscenes semi open world at best

it too weak.. it won`t have option : graphic or performance to choose when i played some games : Flight Simulator, Madden 22, other one

And rachet and clank is great but its not worth 70 dollars nexuses its so short and doesnt really offer anything outside of the story.

Oooo look at this. This fish has a lot of salt but its ok. Just say Xbox and hell bite. don`t buy Forza Horizon 5. i sold xbox series S in few days ago

The game looks much better than horizo. Compare the visuals of both by looking at the gameplay for each and see which one is better looking

Cactuses can be different

You boys are crazy. It`s not that deep. Cactus, we talking about cactus.

Pretty sure this is more to do with the cameras focus than the quality of the assets.

Do you ever have time to even play games if you spend all day on Twitter posting screenshots

Overall an amazing game. Tho it could`ve had better casting for the villian and side characters which felt very generic. BT tho had a solid presence and great voice acting.

You again... I legitimately thought it was the other way around lol

It`s literally a cactus when are you actually gonna be spending your time to look at a cactus

Thank you, I thought the left looked better but after reading your enlighting comment I think the right one looks far better.

Thanks for the free publicity You are also making a fool out of yourself

nope they dont forza ones look more photo realistic. try again.

Microsoft even ripped off the Horizon name from Sony. 0 creativity these days

For those who do not know which is which. Left = Forza Horizon 5 (trash). Right = Horizon Forbidden West (amazing).

staying true to being a sony fanboy by using 2 pixel images

Yeah but then well have to wait for the inevitable PS downgrade.

Both look great and fit the style of the game. That`s all that matters.

Please stop, this just embarrassing.

No harm in being aware and admitting the truth.

Forza Horizon 5s Cactuses look much better than Horizon Delayed Wests cactuses. Game Pass quality is better than $70 quality.

I`ve seen hentai sharper than the left pic

Is this really where we`re at in discussing video games?

Gonna be tough looking at those going 100mph but surely there is a difference

And this is how the Cactus gate debacle got started

Could`ve added 5 more pixels to the Forza image but ok

The instant `hide tweet` after posting sort

nah it not.. internet is boring, gaming is nothing to buy and play.. movies making me fall alseep

Horizon Forbidden West >>>>>>> all games on Xbox

Add that to the fact the forza is a racing game so not much going on there to excuse these mediocre cactuses

Ah. So we can expect comparisons that will make your tweet engagement increase by 5000%. Can`t wait.

help me not dying of boredom

Thoughts on Nintendo Switch Pro OLED 4K DLSS Super Computer.? Let the Cactuses War commence!!!!!

I wanna see the verdict first?

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