Horizon Zero Dawn is a Ubisoft game with a

October 9, 2022, 11:20 am
Horizon Zero Dawn is a Ubisoft game with a
Horizon Zero Dawn is a Ubisoft game with a Sony logo on it

Always said this, when I played HZD, I was very confused about the hype this game got. Just a generic ubisoft clone but with robot dinosaurs. Noticed this with a few Sony exclusives, at this point I think Sony fans will fanboy anything Sony releases.

With more generic protagonist.

Ubisoft will never make a game as good as HZD.

It`s 10X more Witcher and Monster Hunter than Far Cry or Assassin Creed lmao. Open world game with climbing= Ubisoft? If you want an ex. Dying Light 2 is close to an Ubisoft game.

As a PS gamer Horizon is maybe one of the worst exclusives. World Graphics Score Combat: average Characters and story: it is still a good game but didnt capture me like Bloodborne, GoW, GoT, TLOU or Uncharted

Open world with side quest = ubisoft game?

Far cry 6 is top 2 worst far cry game tho

Cyberpunk is a bad ubisoft game with a CDPR logo on it

Okay. Lol but the Sony logo is what guarantees the story

Its Not Its a Guerrilla Game That is Published By Sony That Has High quality and Advanced Gameplay Any exclusive Xbox games this year hmmm no 2023 dam that sucks

I very much agree with the degenerate here

It can`t be you don`t just repeat the exact same thing over and over and over until you give up before the end .

Its worse, despite how usually modern Ubisoft games are just repetitive Ill always give them credit for at least managing to be really fun in short bursts, even far cry 6 manages that, Horizon is one of the most boring games conceived

Lowkey thoughhhhhh I enjoyed hzd. Most ubisoft games are just copy and pasted there virtually no difference and 90% boring side quests lol

What took you so long to figure it out?

Been saying it since day one.

The writing in the game though

These people blasting Horizon as if it`s this big brave thing they`ve come to terms with "My name is Brandon and I am a Horizon Zero Dawn hater" *Round of Applause for Brandon*

but actually has substance and doesn`t need to force you to grind as a reason to explore but rather just has an interesting world and also doesn`t include dozens of micro transactions as well as hiding the final chapters of the story behind a DLC (and now a two year wait)

Been the reverse for me. Farcry has been meh since 4. AC has been different but still been much better than farcry in comparison. The FC formula is so old they need to mix it up a bit. AC tried at least.

says the clown guy who thinks hes a woman, who likes cyberpunk lmao. that game is more of a ubisoft game, nothing but a million NPC markers everywhere all doing the same chore, with very little else in the game. get a grip of urself u seem confused abt ur gender not just games

Ubisoft games are good, HZD is much better though

and old school ubi ( far cry 2-3 AC1-ACR) totally curb stomps horizon

I don`t blame you. Especially when I got bored of it.

Don`t slander Ubisoft. I love most of their games especially AC, FC and Division games. HZD is the most overrated boring game I`ve ever played

I feel the same wY about botw unfortunately =/

u got cyberpunk addict in your bio

About time somebody say that, AC origins and zero dawn are like twins same quest design same hud and everything

True (but much more limited in scope)

Horizon Zero Dawn is an insult to Ubisoft games. Yes, it`s THAT bad.

Which Ubisoft games tho? I`ve played a few and didn`t like any lol

98% of open world games are like Cyberpunk and Halo Infinite were more of the same and did nothing new so I dont get this criticism for Horizon.

Its super boring man

My experience with Ubisoft games (and I love Assassins Creed) has been that theyre excessively lengthy, and the repetition in missions gets boring after a while. I have played HZD and while it didnt feel like that, there a very tiny bit of similarity with the side quests.

This you? Damn, you hit me with the reverse uno Horizon zero dawn is a ubisoft game done right.

Yeah true last 3 AC games haven`t been it

Have you played Cyberpunk 2077? Its is a Ubisoft game but plays worse than one.

Ubisoft could never touch Horizons quality.

Sony Greatness hurts don`t it Nah Ubisoft makes decent games unlike horizon

Even Ubisoft games aint that bad

Forbidden West is better imo

I get bored playing it

The only difference is that its in 3rd person

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