hot take : leadership at sony needs a remake

October 3, 2022, 12:17 pm
hot take : leadership at sony needs a remake
hot take : leadership at sony needs a remake more than ever

That thread proved my point. I never said Sony wont make live service games. I said they will focus on both and that pictures shows it. Sony will keep dropping many SP bombs plus a lot live service games as well.

If so, why the whole industry is not making live service games only? Many publishers literally came back from there business moves to only focus on live service games.

since Jim Ryan they`ve been going in the total opposite direction of the one that made the PS4 era so good.

Youre just speculating here without any proof. Facts are that Sony is heavily investing in Singleplayer as well, even more then in the past. Besides that theyre doing other genres as well, because PS was lacking in many genres in the ps4 era. Really, how can you not like that?

@MikaDima1 I mean it`s in motion but the games are not yet released

Giving more PC love, big W Remaking games that are still easily playable and holding up on PS4/5 EHHH

No theyre focusing on both, thats why theyre doing all the acquisitions like bungie, Haven and do partnerships with Firewalk and Deviation. It wont replace the traditional flow of Singleplayer games at all. Thats what Sony said as well in there latest financial report.

The Witcher 3 FTW

Sony did many remasters etc. In the past as well, plus horizon probably is not even a remake. You need to understand that most first party studios tripled and doubled sizes. Theyre working on multiply things at the same time. These remaster and remakes are small projects.

Yeah that`s a you problem lol, I enjoyed playing on death march and I used potions and signs, it was a great experience. But let`s just talk about the game as whole it`s a masterpiece and the best RPG game ever imo. I suggest everybody to try it and invest more time into it.

First of all Sony is making tv snd movies since the 80s, theyre only adopting PlayStation franchises now. this is a totally different department of Sony and Sony take capacity away from PlayStation.

But we are in October right now. No announcement release date for it. Pretty odd

Not trash combat tbh, if you`re playing on normal then yeah sometimes it gets repetitive but if you`re playing on death march then I disagree since you will rely heavily on potions and different play style in general.

I really have to get into W3, been hearing unrelenting praise all over.

Yeah!! I mean the game still has some of the best graphics even for today, we dont need more

Its a cold take at this point, its gotta be, this is getting real sad, 7 Re-releases & 2 new IPs this generation so far, Returnal & Destruction All Stars.

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